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22/M    •
A writer for those who will read, the madness that runs through the synapses
Alysia Marie
27/F/Long Island, New York    Stay true to the tunes that have been wound deep into your soul. For the body knows more than the mind wants to believe.
guy scutellaro
18/M/South Aftica    I write when a memory comes to mind, and said memory makes me sad I utter my emotions with my fountain pen, and rewrite them ...
Prabhu Iyer
Quantum Dot    Contemporary rhythm poet. Have a thing for the noir :) Blog: Facebook: Twitter: @iyerprabhu © 2012-2018 Prabhu Iyer. All rights reserved.
20/Trans Male/among the stars    lost in my mind, so i follow my heart
Ryan O'Leary
Mallow.    I am a vegetarian, I eat bio, Biologique en Francais. Je ne mange pas du viande, poulet, ni poisson.
F/Los Angeles    My silence runs deep,my heart bleeds, my loyalty stays true and my word is bond I don't say what I don't mean, and I only ...
Ghost Father
24/M    Dark cloud - find me @gh0stfather
22/F/Melbourne    Writing is my escapism. Only words formed in my mind can translate into my hand and produce the deepest part of something within my soul.
14/F/Singapore 🇸🇬    due to an intense mind fog, all thoughts will be grounded until further notice
Los Angeles    I am an entertainment attorney heading a 9 person firm in Beverly Hills, CA. I am also the recording artist and songwriter, Trevor McShane, and ...
40/M    I feel like I am a Lee Seo Jin. I'm a bachelor.
Kusuma Karbela
25/F/A space at hippocampus    Cause my poetries still love you like a dog love its owner
Steve Page
61/M/London, U.K.    I'm a bloke born, bred, broken and abiding in London, UK. My passions include London, Marvel comic books, poetry and living life in step with ...
20/M/Australia    scroll down my page and you will see...a river of poems that sparkle with glee...indulge and enjoy but let me won't get much at ...
distant sounds
☾ Welcome to the inner workings of my mind it's dark inside, but sometimes there's light.
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