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Welcome to
“when life was simpler”,
When it was just me
my little brother,
And our tiny world revolved
around each other…
March 2021
Welcome to
“when life was simpler”,
And all I would think about was
going out with my
March 2021
But wait for me, I said, and
that I was coming home,
Yet you left without a word,
leaving me all alone,

It’s been a year since you
parted from us,
My heart still aching, thinking
about every memory of us,

I can’t pretend that I don’t miss
you and that I am fine,
Coz every little thing reminds me that
I’ve lost what was only mine,

You were my home, but now
home seems so far away,
No matter how difficult it is,
you have always taught me
to find my way,

Eyes filled with tears,
Trying to hide my fears,

I stand alone by
these endless shores,
Knowing that I am never going
to find a love, quite like yours…
November 2020
I miss you every single day thatha...
I said, I too had a love story,
Now another memory in my diary,

I would love to listen, you said quietly,
When I said, I haven’t
forgotten about it entirely,

This is exactly how we started,
Awkward and broken-hearted,

You remind me why everyone else
wasn’t meant to be,
Take my hand and say you’ll
never leave me,

Now I just want to look at the
stars with you,
Hold your hand and tell you how
much I love you,

Thank you for giving me these
lovely endless nights,
And helping me believe that
love can happen twice…
June 2021
It was winter and I hate that feeling it brings,
Makes you feel like a lonely thing,

But that’s when you came along like spring,
And all I wanted was to fondly cling,

Instead I stood there watching,
Wondering if you knew that I was falling,

Now when I look back I guess you knew,
With so much to say, I just want to ask
how do you do,

Sometimes all I want, is to go back
and change everything,
But I don’t think I have realized I
cannot change a thing,

Years pass and I smile coz in the end
you have shown,
That I’m not alone…
October 2021
It’s so fresh in my memory
the day you showed me,
I just wish
the one to feel it first
could be me,

Still remember my first tattoo
the day I got it,
Marked the one I always called home
finally knew what I wanted,

Now I notice I’ve got myself inked again
but with an invisible one,
Just enough to make me feel
that you are the one,

Do you realize no one can make
you laugh the way I do,
But I do know I’ll never look at a sunset
without thinking of you,

You are the tattoo I will never regret,
As I’ll always remember,
you are the one
who made me a poet…
August 2020
We spoke with a look, a
smile as we pass each other,
God, will I ever forget that
feeling, I wonder,

You were a star I caught
while gazing,
Slowly starting to fade
as I keep waiting,

Now I just need you to know,
I wish I had said all the words
a long time ago,

While the night covers my tears,
My heart still aches
after a year…
March 2021
Didn’t realize it would hurt
so bad, a goodbye
Just the thought of it, and
it makes me cry,

I swear I loved you with
every heartbeat,
Falling hard for you each
time we meet,

You had me at hello, goodbye
and everything in between,
Only, my heart so broken, didn’t
want my feelings seen,

You are a memory, time
will never erase,
For all the places I go, I will always
search for your face,

It is only with the heart that one
can see rightly,
What is essential is invisible to the
eye said the fox kindly,

I know I will come back to you, no
matter where I roam,
Because in you, I see, I’d finally
found a home…
September 2020
It was the perfect spring, and
I still remember the day
we first met,

And how I fell in love with
you at the very first sunset,

You gave me little moments
that turned into biggest memories with
friends that turned into family,

Realizing how far we have come and
still have to go, I smile gratefully,

I would place my faith in you, for
all the places I roam,

Coz you are all the things I would
come back for... hope, light, love
and above all home,

Nothing comes close to the
golden coast they say,
Couldn’t agree more,
California’s the way.
January 2021
Over time I tried to forget
the people I lost, but the memories
always carries me back to them..

When I saw you
for the first time,
I knew without a doubt
that you were mine,

Did you feel the same
or was it just me dreaming,
Because God knows that’s  
exactly how I was feeling,

Hardly a word of our true
feelings were spoken,
My hearts sinks as
I keep gazing at the ocean,

Now life has taken me
far away from you,
But in my dreams, I somehow
find my way back to you,

Today of all days
my heart aches in pain,
Knowing you might move on and
that we might never see
each other ever again…
August 2020
I can never forget that day, when i
woke up to the note,
That you have left us, that you are
not with us anymore,

Sitting on my bed, all I could
do was cry,
That I didn’t get to see you
and say goodbye,

I think of you every day through all the
good memories we made,
And how things would have been different
if you had stayed,

But I still regret not being there,
And as I am writing this, I want you to
read it and tell me that you are
near somewhere,

You told me to look at the stars
whenever I miss you,
And that in one of them you shall be
living, and so I do,

But every time I look at that star,
I can’t help but think, did you really
had to go so far?
Nov 2021
Remembering you thatha…
I love you,

And I am going to miss you,

I am leaving  you without a goodbye,

I know you won’t forgive me, but atleast try,

Always remember, even if we are apart,

Keep me in your heart,

And I will stay there,  

July 2020
I still remember our first day at college,
the day we met each other,
Young, innocent, not knowing it is going
to be just us three, forever,

I smile thinking about the times when we laughed so hard, acted crazy together,
When we believed everything would stay the same, beautiful and forever,

Where are all those beautiful days gone,
Makes us feel, have we done
something wrong,

Eyes filled with tears, I only realize that
life was way simpler,
When we did not know pain, a time that
I will always remember,

Now I can’t believe life has changed to
“remember whens”,
But it’s because of those memories,
that we’ll always remain
best friends.
June 2021
This is for us
It’s us against the world, always…🖤
Cheers to the friendship that survived distance and time
gotta a question from my heart,
Have you got something
sticking up your ****,

I would say, loosen up a bit,
You seem to me
like a narcissist,

******* and your attitude,
Sorry if I am rude,

But you could use a
streak of gratitude…
August 2020
Yes, I want to be sure of you,
But here I am, not having the slightest
idea of what to do,

We laugh, we talk everyday as the
darkness turns to light,
With us being so messy and not
knowing what to decide,

I find the words to explain that I
have such little hope,
You ask me not to worry and that we are
sailing in the same boat,

Smiling to myself, I sink into my pillow,
Wondering how a request so simple
can fill me with a sudden
deep hollow…
September 2021
You promised you would never take
a road that I could not follow,
Yet here I am left with a
deep hollow,

While I was busy sailing the world,
I now realize, I should have given you
what you deserved,

Wherever I go, wherever I roam,
Heart of mine goes back to you, the one
I always called home,

I had rehearsed my goodbye
over and over again,
But you left without a word and life was
never the same again…
June 2020
I miss you thatha…
And I will make you proud…
I came,
You saw,
I smiled,
And you fell,
   In love…
September 2020
It was in your eyes, I saw it,
So beautiful, that I believed it,

I now realize you weren’t  
mine at all, it hurts to know,
My greatest memory you
will be, how far I go,

All I wanted in life was
just you and me,
Along with the soft night wind
and the timeless sea,

But here I am standing alone, as
the waves glisten,
Gazing at the stars above where
it had all been written…
September 2020
Wherever there’s light,
There’s also a shadow like a lonely night,
Then I wonder how we forget to see the light,
Even when it shines so bright…
July 2021
You are like the morning sun, so
patient and warm,
Now I just want to hold you and lock
thee in mine arm,

Sometimes when I ask, why are
you not here,
You say, better days are coming and
we’ll soon be together,

You have your doubts somedays,
And I tell you it’s okay anyways,

Then somedays I have mine,
And you say you’re here for me and
everything will be fine,

Wherever we wander, wherever we roam,
Just know we will always guide
each other home,

All I know now is, this is something
I don’t want to miss,
Maybe because I never knew
love like this…
Nov 2021
I was awakened by a story once,
Still gives me chills, though
it’s been months,

I know I have come far from
it somehow,
And that I have nothing to worry
about it now,

But the quiet sleep I lost that day,
Follows me endlessly till this very day,

While I am still here, patiently
waiting for it to come back,
Still at the place, to which I have
completely lost track…
July 2021
St. Johns our second home,
our school song we sang,
The days filled just with innocent giggles
until the school bells rang,

Please take me back to my school days
I asked God,
Ask me for a wish not heaven,
he replied with a tone odd,

I vividly remember rushing down
those school stairs,
Only to be in time for those
daily assembly prayers,

No matter how far time takes us to explore,
Now when I turn back,
eyes are filled with nothing but tears
wanting to live it once more…
August 2020
I close my eyes and the story starts
I am standing there,
You say you’re fine, I know
you better than that,

So don’t you worry your
pretty little mind,
Staying back and watching me shine,

I go back to December
all the time, I agree,
I fake a smile so he won’t see,

And I heard you moved on, oh slowdown,
You are being too loud, you need to
calm down,

Oh, my God, who is she?
But I promise that you’ll never
find another like me,

I check it once, then I check it twice,
In my mind, saying it’s gonna be alright,

Let’s hear the applause,
Maybe I got mine, but you’ll
all get yours,

‘Cause baby now we got bad blood,
And now I am just waiting
for it all to turn RED…
June 2021
Can’t wait for the new version of RED
I miss you every single day,
Some days I say it with tears,
Some days I say it with a smile,
Some days I say it with silence…
July 2021
As we grow old and days pass by,
We don’t see many miracles, I wonder why,
Then we impatiently wait a long time, a
feeling so unbearable,
But for that one last miracle…
August 2021
Oh god,
why are you doing this to me,
Won’t you just let me be,

I am suffering can’t you see,
It’s long gone my days of glee,

Oh how much I want it back,
I pray to thee,
Will the rest of my days atleast
smell of sweet pea,

Hope but hope, after all
without hope what are we,
Come what may,
all I want is to be free…
December 2018
My memories with you are
starting to fade,
I feel nothing no more, but
just a grey shade…
March 2021
A memory you have become,
a fading one...
Just was a desert,
a land of sand,
Where people got nothing
but tanned,

When years passed
and they discovered oil,
Time had come for them to uncoil,

Thus riches and wealth
knew no bounds,
Now world’s tallest
skyscrapers surrounds,

They pray five times a day,
No wonder god has blessed
them so much they say,

The dollar world itself
looks at it with awe,
Afraid of losing it’s glamour
tries pointing each flaw,

Not worried they still continue
to grow with pride,
Tired finally the dollar
world tries to bribe,

Wealth should be shared
between the brothers I feel,
To those of whom one meal
a day is a big deal…
September 2017
My pen could write for
anyone, true,
But it never smiles about them
the way it does for you…
March 2020

— The End —