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And in his eyes I see love
I could stare at them for hours
Never tire
This love that's just for me
I'd happily drown in them
And feel at peace
Your demons devour my soul
Drawing me closer to you
My inner voice shouts to stay away
Yet like opposite poles of a magnet
I'm stuck to you
In your embrace
Is where I Wana be
The warmth of your body
Seeping through my pores
Feeling of belonging, wanting, needing
Knowing that I can feel this way only with you
Sends my emotions, passions, on a roller coaster ride
This exstacy, a high like never before
It's all you, only you
It's has always been and will always be just you
Sankalp Dharge May 2017
How blameless is that stone lying beneath the sky beside the shore
Sway of woe showering up to him
Indignity, nope
Kicked to the depth
By someone he cared about
Memories scintillating as he’s drowning down
The happiest laughs and the saddest tears screening up
He’s down, drowned in his mind
Heart trying to swim
Hope falling ill.
His heart was full of love
He loved her ton
For her it was only fun.
Love is more painful
Then a shot by a gun
Slowly setting was the sun.
He and the darkness
Gone astray
As the moon came in
His world was she, as he thought
Soon he learnt, it wasn’t her.
We live our lives
People live theirs
Prominently, we should be ours
Rather being someone else’s
Live every moment with the ones that truly cares
Not with the ones who give a ****.
Always remember
Loving is not easy, nor living
Like breathing
Keep doing.

— The End —