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Mancy Jun 2019
You may not be
The moon or
A star or
The sun
Beaming vision to the world.

But to me
You are
The cute little
Casting hope in me.
Mancy May 2019
Isn't it weird, how
My unsettled mysteries
are solved
With your missing pieces.
Mancy Apr 2019
If you are too lazy to read poems
Just look at the mirror, love
God's gracious poetry
I would say.
Mancy Mar 2019
Like the rainbow
born out of rain,
My love
born out of your tears,
is just
A momentary beauty.
Mancy Mar 2019
Sometimes love is
Untangling hearts
with Twisted emotions
Mancy Feb 2019
With those lonely bare branches,
Goodbye kisses of the dropping leaves,
And lonely leaves gathered into heaps,
Street scenes with yellowish tint,
Like it was washed with calmness.
Somehow this sad season gives solace.
Mancy Jan 2019
A crackpot, don't get closer
I thought to myself when I first saw you
Little did the poor me knew
I would end up loving you.
We were living in completely different worlds,
With extremely opposite principles
I denied everything you said, you did
And you were no different
Still I found something comfortable in you
I started telling u all my boring histories
Cussing out the double crossers I have met
Ranting out the regrets of my life
Crying over my first love failure and whatnot
I gave out almost every memory my brain held
You always listened discreetly
To the gibberish coming out of me.
I was able to show the genuine me
Without the fear of being judged,
You saw right through my mind
Like it was a clear glass piece
When it was all dark and dull.
You solved every puzzle of me
Whenever i came with a broken picture.
You came like a summer to me
When my eyes had long rainy days.
I fell sick you nursed me like my mom,
Took wrong turns, you guided me like my dad,
You give advices like my granny,
We sticked together like we were twins,
We fought like we were foes,
You looked after me like a lover.
Now, you have become my crackpot
My family, my love, my fundamental person
Under a single label
My Best friend !!!
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