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Lynn Scott Mar 2019
Deep desires, hidden longings
Are the base of our nightmares.
Dishonest and greedy
Is why no one cares.

I tried to be better
But it was all for not.
My guilt and my anger
Have caused me to rot.

Vexations and secrets;
My head spins round and round.
Isolation, devastation;
My scream makes no sound.

I’m drowning, I’m falling;
I can barely breathe.
Desperation, damnation;
I only want to leave.

So close now, I can see it;
My escape for eternity.
It’s selfish, so selfish;
My chance at serenity .

It’s coming, it’s closing;
It’s finally at the end.
This hellish, this blemished
Life has come to an end.
Lynn Scott Mar 2019
Our blood is but one color
Whose river runs red
But a few ignorant men
Still have wrongly lead

Let it be our generation
That will start anew
One slogan in mind
"To racism, Adieu!"
Lynn Scott Mar 2019
The place no one dares to go
A place filled with only sorrow
In the dark a monster creeps
That haunts you while you're asleep

Your mind is a dangerous place
One too scary to ever face
Don't ever be left all alone
With your mind's evil tone

In the dark depths of your head
While you're asleep in your bed
The creature tears at your brain
Until you're in constant pain

The monster still wreaking havoc
Is not upstairs or in the attic
Remember while you lay in bed
The Boogeyman is in your head
Lynn Scott Mar 2019
You step aside
Ask why I cry
You know I lie
I want to die

Just hold me tight
Don't say a thing
You know I'm right
Bout everything

I have no home
Family is dead
I'm all alone
I've made my bed

Just keep me safe
From all my thoughts
Just hold me tight
You're all I got
Lynn Scott Mar 2019
All I saw was red
My parents were dead
******* hit their car
Drunk leaving the bar

All I saw was red
I punched the driver's head
Blood ran down his face
What a **** disgrace

All I saw was red
The **** coward fled
I then ran him down
Slammed him to the ground

All I saw was red
Continued my bloodshed
Tears streamed down my face
He's a **** disgrace

All I saw was red
Rage clouding my head
******* should be dead
My parents died instead
Lynn Scott Mar 2019
Why can't you hear me?
Though I scream all day
Can't you understand
I have more to say

Why not talk to me?
My love's not enough?
Please listen to me
Don't you act all tough

Why not scream at me
So we'll work it out
Let me hear your words
Both of love and doubt

Why not cry or yell?
Any emotion
Just listen to me
Hear my devotion

I love you so much
But you need to choose
Who do you love more?
Me or your *****?
Lynn Scott Mar 2019
I have seen women cry all day long
When their pregnancy went all wrong
I have seen men weep and mourn
For their children who'd never be born

I have seen the longing in their eyes
The couples whose children have died
The ache and pain in their shattered souls
Each miscarriage taking its tole

So how can a human who is so blessed
Throw it away without a second guess
Call it convenience and "financial burden"
"Or not a human with no skin or organs"

The countless murders of innocent little babies
For the so called rights of these many "ladies"
How can you remotely demand for a choice
When you don't even give the children a voice
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