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Brooklyn René Sep 2020
This ache in my chest it's like never before
My head is a mess and you've opened a door
My life isn't perfect but now there's a sore
You've done so much damage like I've never seen
There's tears in my eyes and I just want to scream
You go from forever's to no in between's
If my life was a movie, then this is a death scene
I want to be mad but I can only cry
You told me you loved me
But that was a lie
This ache in my chest is like never before
Why the **** did you leave
and not close the door?
  Feb 2020 Brooklyn René
You see my brown skin
And assume I'm a ****.

You see my hijab
And assume I'm a terrorist.

You see the smile on my face
And assume I'm happy.

You hear my words
And assume I'm okay.

But I am not.

Instead I am broken.
Yet I am also strong.

I am dark and rule-following.
I am peaceful and Muslim.

You assume based on
Society's POV.

If you smile
You must be happy.

Fox, CNN, any media
Tells you I am a terrorist.
So the names I get called
And the extra security checks
Are extremely upsetting.

The murders of black folk
Is either considered appropriate
Or it's "black on black crime"
So it's not taken seriously.

Who are you gonna believe
Me or those who don't know me?
candles light up her room
it smells like herbs
and flowers

fall is her favorite season
she enjoys the rain
while dancing trough the woods

she's one with nature and the sun
but in love with the moon
everyone's terrified of her
  Feb 2020 Brooklyn René
I live in a world all my own
inside my head
through fantasy, I roam.

One of magic, heroes, and might.
One of darkness, clouds, and endless flight.

I could lay in bed and dream my life away
no wish or want for the reality of the day.

Realism pushes through my blinds at sunrise,
reminding me I need to wake,
and live my dull, mortal life.

I depart from my dreams with trembling breath, goodbye.

Until I return to dance with my thoughts at night.
Hiatus is hopefully over! Just a little poem thing. I've been a dreamer since I was a child, always wanting more than the existence life gave me. Lately, I've been watching shows with people with superpowers. I've been trying to decide on what I would want and its between flying, reading and transmitting memories, and ultra-strength and combat skills.
Brooklyn René Dec 2019
Loneliness is a knife
sharpened by ones own grievances and withdrawals
It is not blamed on others
but instead on one's inability to accept the quiet
as a friend
instead of a foe
Brooklyn René Aug 2018
I wish you'd never let me love you
I wish you'd kept your edges sharp and mean
I wish you'd never relied on me for comfort
I wish you'd never told me your hopes
I wish you hadn't  talked about our future
I wish you'd never made me laugh
I wish you'd never made me happy
I wish you'd never let me see the good parts of you
I wish I'd never become someone you leaned on
I wish you'd never let my name pass your lips
I wish you'd never become someone I leaned on
I wish you'd never become the good morning text I was waiting for
I wish you hadn't made my life shine
I wish you hadn't become my forever
I wish you'd never let me love you
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