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Liberty J Sep 2018
I should be sleeping right now,
I should be dreaming right now,
I should be dead right now,

But I missed you.
Liberty J Jun 2018
They first appear
With two clicks of my lamp
I invite the darkness seeping from my windows
Covered in a lazy blanket
I lay on my side, watching the lifeless room
Restless, but all the same exhausted

From the ***** laundry and the memories I keep
One stares harmlessly
My lungs began screaming and wheezing
My heart and brain nearly fried
My muscles frozen in sweat

One easily becomes many
Soon, every corner of my room glares back at me
I press my eyes close and pray for sleep
But their hot breath runs down my neck
And peels my eyelids apart, squeezing my chest
Forcing out a stuttering sigh
I have no choice

Click click
My lamp peirces through each monster
Until I can fight them on my own
Sorry it's been a while...
Liberty J Mar 2018
I've got a bad case of brain fog
Maybe you should call it brain smog
Because I've got all sorts of bad thoughts
Diluting my air
And spilling into the words that I speak to you
Oh god, please hear me
You should fear me
Because soon you'll be coughing up your lungs
Don't come near me
I'll be climbing up your atmosphere
Burning up the hearts of your daughter's
Corrupting the thoughts of the
Poofy goofy white clouds of childhood
I've got brain smog
Don't let me hurt you
Quick clean up your mistake
Before mother sees the blood upon the bathroom floor
Hurry she's knocking on the door
She already knows you're a ***** *****
I've got brain smog
Look at you, you pathetic dog
You don't know how to unclog
The nasty case of brain smog
  Feb 2018 Liberty J
the moment a poet
falls in love with you

is the moment
you live

f o r e v e r
Liberty J Feb 2018
I’m confined
Pent up in a cage
Just big enough for your spirit,
And a tiny computer desk
Inside a tiny room
Cluttered with papers and lost, rejected ideas
Trash and old cigarette buds
A room inside a tiny house that looks bigger from the outside
A house that holds a tiny, little, broken, family
A house in a little town
In a little county
In a little state
In a little country
That's torn itself apart bit by bit
In a world that's separated themselves
From others
Based on just the color of other’s skin
The way they dress
How they hold themself when they walk
A world dotted with little girls slashing both wrists
And little boys hiding their tears
In a world where there is only love in public
But bitterness biting us from within the shadows
And in our own minds
I’m confined
In a tiny room
Because I can’t stand
To see you cry
To see you suffering, and crying out for help
So I stay in my box
My box
I shall stay
Liberty J Feb 2018
I don’t like food.
I don't like the way it makes me feel.
Bloated and fat, and all your eyes seem to stab me.
It makes me
But I come crawling back for more every time
Please just let me starve
Please just give me the strength to push
My finger
A few
Into my throat
I’m sorry that I have to survive
I’m sorry I must perform such an
Task in front of you
But I am human
And we have to eat.
Liberty J Feb 2018
Her words shot me like bullets, but the adrenaline forced me ignore it. Her eyes like daggers, her hands shaking violently, as she mercilessly watched me bleed out. The screaming bullets paralyzed me, and I stood for an eternity, watching her eyes fill with tears. Then there a was silence.
Was the war over?
Or had it only just begun?
What was her next move?
Should I stay?
Or should I tuck my tail and run?
She quietly pointed to the door, offering me a retreat. I stared blankly, my weapons empty on ammo. The only thing I had left were bandages, and an open wound.
She slid down, and screamed for a medic. I sat beside her. I patiently handed her a peace treaty, that boldly stated:
She signed it quietly.
I signed it quietly.
And the war for love, was done.
And now I notice that no matter peacetime or wartime, the battle scars will ache. The memories will creep up your spine and attack. Yet, no matter what, we are all mindless soldiers in a silly fight for love.
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