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LearnfromBOBD Jan 26
Mother of the season
Do you snitch for a living
Tell me all your reason.
Life will be reasonable,
If she’s visible
To say the truth.
Will be helpful’
You took my heart away,
And you want me a *****.
To do all in yo own way,
Life’s unfair, I’m unaware.
Until I fell for a godly *****,
An educated witch.
That took away my heart,
To far away beach.
Dunno tho, or a bridge.
The day is now bright,
You took away my life’
give me back my wife
That I fell for’ at first sight
You make us fight,
At our differences.
You set us apart
With pretenses
Educated witch
Go please
And bring back my queen.
LearnfromBOBD Jan 22
Love is crazy.
Love is meaningless.
You felt the feelings,
So ****’ Am bless.
Tell me you ain’t blind,
Cos you ain’t seeing me either.
Oh you really are mine,  
I will love you forever.
Don’t judge through a book
You could actually be mine
Now that you are my boo boo
We do gon’ be fine  
Yo tears are important than your smiles.
Yo smile can be giving to any one,
Tears are only for people you don’t want to lose.
That’s shows the definition of real love.
All the trials we gon faced,
every obstacles in our way,
God has flowered’ in our days.
Real love is by his grace.
Real Love worth dying for,
Real Love don’t care.
Love you more and sure,
Real Love don’t fear.
Real love is of no limit no boundaries
Real love hurt, it no pain, no gain
LearnfromBOBD Jan 18
I was there when you make the last speech
For you found your evaslasting king.
The man who conquered and gave you everything
After which I decided to take a drink
For all I thought I had, was ****
I don’t need to take alcohol nor drugs
All I wanted was love,
Not to fight but had fun
The truth was hurt
‘Twas really a bomb
You don’t need to be sorry
For I had no worries
I’d be fine and move on
Just that the road is still long
For yea’ she speaks
The emotions speech
LearnfromBOBD Jan 15
Put a fire on
A single drop only,
    Divorced me not,
My love is boiling.
Find what you love,
   And let it **** you.
        Fisa, I love.
    **** me, will you?
Im thirsty of yo love
    Give me a drop on my tongue.
For my old songs and new one.
    These verses are sung,
Only for you sayo
From birth to grave.
Drown me in oceans,
My greatest desire,
In yo love potions
Of honey drops
Where there is no
If I let myself think
I feel myself begin to sink
For one second
I feel my demons beckon
“Come on down,” They’ll say
“We can play all day
It’s fun down here
And there is no fear.”
If I let them into my mind
The world is left behind
And shrouded over
As the demons take over
If I let myself think
I might just sink
And let the demons come in;
Let them wear me thin
Maybe I’ll kick them out
But then I’m in doubt
Of whether it’s worth it
To fight and leave myself split
Between the good and the bad
Between the happy and the sad
So they might just stay
Until I decide to push them away
And if I let myself think
Further into my demons I’ll sink
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