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Lily Barrett Aug 25
I could write of lovers
With hands intertwined
I could write of foes
With guns primed
Of people running the streets
No idea of why or what for
Of people next to empty seats
Sitting and hoping for more
They only have so many years
They only have so many days
Suddenly all the tears
And the empty “always”
Doesn’t matter anymore
For your time is long gone
And life eventually
Will not go on
Lily Barrett Aug 15
It's an exorcism
It's a release
I release my demons
Screaming into the night
And in the darkness
They're finally out of sight
at least for now...
Lily Barrett Apr 4
No one wants me
No one cares about you
No one wants to be
Like me and you

No one wants to hug me
No one wants to hold you
No one wants to see
The mess of me and you

No one loves me
No one ever loved you
No one hears our plea
To be loved too
Lily Barrett Apr 3
We are the tired
We wake every morning
With eyes dropping and limbs heavy
Dragging ourselves out of bed
Wondering if we’ll fall asleep at our desks again

We are the weak
We have been beaten down
And told to not get back up
We don’t speak because we are scared
Of being told “no” for the hundredth time

We are the lonely
Our hands are always cold
Our arms long for someone to hold
All we want is someone to love
And someone to love us back

We are the depressed
We enjoy rainy days
We smile with sad eyes
And we don’t seem to enjoy much anymore

We are the damaged
We fix our wounds with false smiles  
And laughs that don’t reach our eyes
And we wonder if we’ll ever feel whole again

We are the living
Lily Barrett Mar 2
It’s been a long day my friend,
The hours blend together,
And it never seems to end.

It’s been a long week my brother,
Every piece has fallen,
Just dropping, one after the other.

It’s been a long month my sister,
Thoughts caught in a blender,
Carried away by a twister.

It’s been a long year my lover,
Rain dripping, drizzling, dropping,
And without you, no cover.
I could've sworn I already posted this one but I realized I hadn't...
Lily Barrett Feb 21
I think I can make it
The end is almost here
Im already there I can feel it
The finish line becoming clearer
My life isn’t finished
And neither am I
Dreams extinguished
I must say goodbye
I think I can escape
This endless cycle of death
That keeps rewinding like a tape
As I keep
B    r      e       a        t           h
I'm particularly proud of the end.... :)
Lily Barrett Feb 18
I want to be loved so bad
That romance movies make me sad
I want someone to kiss me on the forehead
And someone to tuck me into bed

Someone to be there when I’m upset
Someone to help me forget
And instead make me laugh and smile
Someone to think that I’m worthwhile
To let me snuggle in their lap
And take a four hour long nap

I want someone to hold me
When I’m so scared I can’t see
When I’m so exhausted and can’t walk
And all day listen to me talk
I just
Would love to have someone love me
just a tad lovesick...
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