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Laniatus Oct 2016
All whispers, light and evil,
Derogatory, slaying the soul.
This is daylight -
This is night, the stars join in,
badgering the shying moon;
I wish I was the burning Sun
crying my bleach over fields and trees.
I can't surrender just yet -
But my weakness bleeds
through gulping swallows and choked up laughs
falling on petals, sliding away with the breeze.
I have no light or tunnel to spot it through;
And wouldn't know how to anyway.
Laniatus Oct 2016
Eyes hidden in words
Death is the outcome.

Watch my expression
Suicide eyes
The rope is too thin.

And every little word
Delves deep inside
I feel everyone.

I deserve flowers and wine
Tiny thoughts
And gentle hymns.

I'm sad and unhappy
I know why
People are everywhere.
Laniatus Oct 2016
Cast your eyes out within -
Small birds struggle to fly,

Clouds stick between feathers
and dampen at the thought of rain.

I have not become wise to aid flight
I was born unto myself - to learn,
to thrive, to breathe, to live.

Unfortunately I am a mere strand of feather
suffocated by that damp ever present cloud;

Heavy and waiting to fall.
Laniatus Oct 2016
These words seem blank
and unrelated...
My flow and vision has either weakened or died.
Too long it has been.
The lines are too thick
to fit my ridiculous, empty words within...
Even paragraphs desist from existing,
and implode like dramatic hills
attempting an evolutionary growth into mountainhood.
Rivers weaving, in-between, around and through
salty salmon bear jaws -
Like the pain of love between the *****.
Laniatus Oct 2016
The red sky, it's vivid voice beckons;
Wild, insidious mediations.

I sit here stranded
Old, wise and fettered -
By the memory of my trailing years;

All forgotten.
  May 2016 Laniatus
i know you're searching
for a savior
but you're just another
ship captain and i'm
just another lighthouse
flashing you towards
the rocks
attention only makes
me more distant
at night i suffocate dreams
of you with a pillow
until i lie beside the
cadaver of our love
wrap it's cold,
dead hands
around my neck
like a scarf in
this winter hell
last i checked the
weather report
promised no sun
a god told me  
i'll sleep like the dead
when i live
like them too.
© copyright

"Are the dead as lonesome as the living?" - Other voices, Other rooms
Laniatus Dec 2015
Augusts' sweet rain
Dancing down window pains -
September yesterday dissipates
                 into languishing thought,
Like a glimpse of a dream;
A snap shot
Through the broken eyes of morning,
A wisp, a glint of memory
From midnight's rapid eye movement, and
Tomorrow's ever extending chance of death.
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