Oct 16 jewel

happy anniversary.

it's been a year since
you and i
never came to be,
never became the we
that both of us wanted to see:
        the ones lying on crumpled sheets,
        watching endless movies,
        and reading each other poetry.
        the ones exchanging comebacks so witty,
        that i didn't even know it was in our vocabulary,

until the day,
i finished every page
and noticed in an alarming haze,
that being happy
wasn't in this worn out dictionary
of ours.

and so, i'm giving you this,
this one last bit
of happiness,
and i hope it sheds some light
to the undefined you and i:

happy anniversary.

 Oct 5 jewel
Miles Dupree

I heard a whisper of your
in the empathy of

I excavated her
for a thread of your

to hem the frayed
of our torn

only to recover
in the corner of my

 Aug 30 jewel
Helios Alatza

tonight is strange.
you see,
i slept today
at a friend's house.
but now, cannot

and when i say "slept"
i mean;
i laid there
in her blankets,
and thought of you.

and when i say
"thought of you"
i mean;
i wondered if
at that moment
you missed me too.

and when i say "wondered"
i mean;
i imagined your lips
my eyelids.

and when i say "against"
what i meant to say
that i wished you
were held against

and when i say "held"
i meant;
that i'll take your problems
and shoulder them
as My own.

but dear,
when i said
what i meant to say
was that your
ink-stained fingernails
are god-crafted.

and by "ink"
you know
that i mean;
you've forever
left your mark
on me.

and by "mark"
i mean;
that you've drawn
in all the sides of
all the best poems.

and by "drawn"
i offer up;
that this is not
the first or last
time we fire one another
and scald the oceans.

tonight is strange,

it's a good thing
You always know
what i'm really
trying to say.

— The End —