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I've lost my moon somewhere
in the crevass of my pocket.
I realized only when I looked up
Feeling that something wasn't right.
I reached my hand in my pocket,
Finding my keys, my wallet,
Everything but you.

I've lost my moon somewhere
in the crevass of my pocket.
My fingers roaming through lint stars
& loose string galaxies.
I lost my moon checking every pocket
on my jeans.
The lint stars all out of orbit.
I reached my hand in my pocket.
Finding my keys, my wallet,
everything but you

The only thing that makes my night
that much brighter
Inspired by YourQuote's Star Gazer.
Original piece did not have a title

They loved the inspired piece that I written and okay'd to post.

It was really fun to write
Miles Dupree Oct 2017
I heard a whisper of your
in the empathy of

I excavated her
for a thread of your

to hem the frayed
of our torn

only to recover
in the corner of my
Jamie Rose Sep 2017
What if alpacas are a hairy type of land fish?
If the moon is made of cheese does that mean space cows are really a thing?
Why do people say give things time when everything significant thing that happens does so in a moment?
What if the government assigned famous people before they were famous and that's why a lot aren't really talented?
Why do schools promote sleep and extracurriculars then give you so much homework you don't have time to do anything else?
Why does "I love you" not mean anything anymore?
Is it normal to ask so many questions?
Is normal even a thing?
Which religion is true and how do we know?
What if mentally ill people just see the world as it is and they're medication is just to keep a secret?
Who is actually reading all of this?
Why are we living if the world is just going to be engulfed by the sun's explosion or our own nuclear warfare?
Why do most girls sing breakup songs and most guys sing love songs?

— The End —