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lía Apr 28
for you.
i just love e.e. cummings and jane austen. don’t at me.
lía Apr 25
two women in love
and two men falling in love
deserve it all too.
lía Apr 25
undress me tonight
and let your lead leave a trace
between my margins.

lía Apr 25
Your free will -
it is why I can't stop you from leaving me.
lía Apr 25
don't make me fall in love with you,
because i know i will;

and my hopes of you feeling
the same way -
i have no right to feel.

don't make me fall in love with
someone else;
stop me - when i do;

and when my hopes of you remain
the same way -

then i know it will always be you.
just for a stupid crush.

— The End —