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JLPfoxy Sep 2018
You realize this was planned out from the very start.
We were meant to come together just so we could fall apart.

The pain of losing you was unbearable, I was so sure I couldn't survive, but from the ashes like a Phoenix I managed to rise.

I realize now that this was the only way I would be forced to look inside, and face the demons I was running from my entire life.

Where there once was heartbreak, now only gratitude resides. Your bittersweet sacrifice helped me find my way back to who I really am inside.

Thank you.
JLPfoxy Nov 2016
No matter where this life takes us, whether near or far
You'll always hold this special place embedded in my heart
No matter how much time may pass, even when we don't speak
I am with you always and I love you endlessly
JLPfoxy Nov 2016
Most people think I'm crazy. I can see it in their eyes. They think I'm dumb for holding on, but they fail to realize, what we have is something special. You can't just lump this in a box, it goes so much deeper than all they know of human love and loss.

They have never felt a love like this, and they probably never will. It takes an ancient soul to comprehend that what we have is real. They say there are others out there, and while it might be true, I've never met another soul that gets me like you do...
  Jul 2015 JLPfoxy
poetessa diabolica
Obscurity's trenchant
     sorrows blotting
        tissue paper cuts,
tears aptly smeared
    in hidden fears of
        first dashed allusions,
darkly flippant metaphors
       sans passionate accolades
          left to gingerly decay,
    grandiloquently speaking,
       'Happily Ever After' is
           hardly a verbose nuance
             throughout a quinine
                         poet's collection
JLPfoxy Jul 2015
I live for these mornings
Waking up,  tangled up with you.
Its so surreal knowing that all my dreams have come true.

There is no way to describe the way you make me feel inside.
So much bliss I could have died and went to heaven,
Yet, I've never felt so alive!

It kills me to pull away,  when I must leave you for the day. 
I wish that I could stay forever in the warmth of your embrace.

I count the seconds when I'm away, yearning to be back where I belong, dreaming about kissing your face and hearing your heartbeat like a song.
JLPfoxy Jul 2015
Today I fell down the rabbit hole
And I'm not coming back
All the thoughts inside my head
Were just too tightly packed

I hit the bottom and heard a Crack
Knocked loose all sanity left intact
Now I stand here looking back
And, all I can do is laugh
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