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I won't expose your body
I won't expose your temple
But I'll do even worse
And I'll expose your mental

Tell them how we used to be
And tell them how you used me
Tell them how you let go
And never was afraid to lose me

I got a lot of hate built
But I wont expose your pics
And yea you played me like an instrument
But I won't expose those chicks

Cry a ******* fake river
Filled with words that contradict
And acid in every word
That your mouth could possibly spit

I think you believe your own lies
I think you like this lil disguise
Cuz I swear when I look at you
I look the devil in his eyes

I knew you liked to play with fire
And I really hate to admit
That now I know what you meant
When you said one match had our hearts lit
Did you say it 'cause you were sad
Did I make you that mad?,
That your words were directed at my face with a jab?

After all we've been through?
After all you've told me?
You had the nerve to speak the words
"you dont even know me"?!

I know that I hurt you.
I'd apologize to this day.
But I'd turn to dust if I made you look back that way.

I want to leave it in the past,
But does it ever cross your mind?
How bad we got from great to grit in just so little time?

Because I was just too blind,
Didn't even open my eyes
But when I did, I realized that you were one of a kind.

Because when I fought for you...
It's something only one other had gotten.
But it was the other that buried my heart and you took it after it was rotten.

I won't ask any other questions,
Because I know what you can do..
Because deep down I seen your pain, but I'm scared to know the truth.

I just want to know...
if its real or my little myth?...
That I do not know the person that I fell in love with...
Honestly, I really really love when I get the feeling in my body that tells me "Start Writing! This one is going to be good!" Because every time I do, I let out so many meaningful lines that I can never figure out how to say in a regular conversation.
I sit and watch her bottom lip tremble,
And know that it's my fault.

The pieces that she can't assemble,
Are locked within the vault.

I sit and watch her eyes cloud over,
And have to look away,

She stills calls me her sunshine,
But I blind her with the rain.
She still calls me her sunshine,
Dispite the weathers change.
Her skin was made of caramel
With purple highlights through her dreads
Hazel eyes that made me melt
And luscious lips of red

A girl I've never met
Yet we seemed so close
We laid down in bed
And began ripping off our clothes

I grabbed her wrists
As she went down to feast
My fantasy spun into a bliss
With her desire she needed to feed

Her fingertips brush my lips
She looked me in the eyes
This was the end of it
**Girl of my dreams, but this girl was mine
 May 2014 Inevitable
November 28, I met this girl.
She was broken. From the bullies that struck her with their words.

We got to know eachother. I got to know her favorite color, favorite food, favorite song.

Through out the the weeks we talked, I found out how truly broken she was. How words cut like knife, how she had demons inside of her.

I also realized that I was falling for her. I was falling for a broken girl. When I myself was a broken girl.

I fought with my feelings.
I couldn't be. I wouldn't be... Gay.

I found out she liked me too.

It drove me insane. Me liking a girl? Wanting to be with a girl? It was absurd. My mom would never approve.

Months later.
We're 5 months. 5 months of her being mines, and me being hers. 5 months of tears. 5 months of laughs. 5 months of love. 5 months of hate. 5 months of two broken girls trying to fix eachother.

Can we succeed or will more months pass as the little happiness we have left disappear. And our demons strengthen.

I met this girl. She changed everything.
Blah. Idk
She's different....
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