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Dec 2015
I won't expose your body
I won't expose your temple
But I'll do even worse
And I'll expose your mental

Tell them how we used to be
And tell them how you used me
Tell them how you let go
And never was afraid to lose me

I got a lot of hate built
But I wont expose your pics
And yea you played me like an instrument
But I won't expose those chicks

Cry a ******* fake river
Filled with words that contradict
And acid in every word
That your mouth could possibly spit

I think you believe your own lies
I think you like this lil disguise
Cuz I swear when I look at you
I look the devil in his eyes

I knew you liked to play with fire
And I really hate to admit
That now I know what you meant
When you said one match had our hearts lit
Endya Tremese
Written by
Endya Tremese
   Inevitable and Cecil Miller
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