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Pushing Daisies Jan 2016
You know I'm not sleeping.
I drink black coffee in the evening,
Hands ticking past midnight,
I even miss the fighting.

There's something you've hidden,
You've quietly taken.
Why can't you feel guilty,
You've got me under you're thumb.
Pushing Daisies Jan 2016
She sits down in the chair,
And opens the tub ever so slowly.
Her hands shake a little as,
They gently remove the content.    

Each parcel is precious.
Perfectly wrapped in silver foil,
That shimmers in the rooms dimmed,
Lights. She stares at them with perceived admiration.

Or maybe she is just admiring herself?
Her brain refuses to remove their case,
She doesn't think she needs to,
Although she craves their warmth, the taste, everything is left unopened.

She can do without.

She is better than that.


The tub is thrown in the trash,
And she seeks satisfaction from the
Delayed reaction,
of her peers. Who's heads turn away
Before she,
Has taken a bite.
Pushing Daisies Jan 2015
Rain won't always
make the flowers grow,
Yet I insist on watching,
From behind,
A glass widow.

Stems from beating hearts,
A hot rush of air,
Cannot mask,
My harsh remarks.

No stretch of time can,
Caus the present to pass,
And reveal newly,
Bloomed petals,
From the brown and brittle grass.

Rain won't always,
Make the flowers grow,
Yet I smother,
All the seeds,
We have to sow.
Pushing Daisies Jan 2015
I am the one who cuts the strings and,
Then ties them back together.

I am the one engulfed by tears and,
longs for a forever.

I could never,
blame you.

For this knot containing,

Giving up on me is the only answer,
To those questions never asked.

You tried (once or twice) I do remember,
I'm the one who remains masked.

I could never,
blame you.

For the things that go,

I expexted you to be a little more like

I expected you to look inside and,
delve deep into the sea.

But you did not.

*For that I cannot blame you
Pushing Daisies Oct 2014
Everything is spiralling in a backward motion,
I never seem to see straight.

Eyes hidden behind clouds of profound and true devotion,
Wait for you to evaporate.
Pushing Daisies Sep 2014
Maybe you just can't cope,
With another scar,
Upon your heart.

Maybe you don't want him,
To take hold of,
Your everything,
With his rough and,
Clinging hands.
Intertwine himself,
Though the branches of you,
And work his way,
Every closer,
Imbedding himself,
Into your roots.

Maybe you don't want,
to get caught,
In the warm thermal winds,
And let them uplift,
Your entirety,
Dilute your sense,
Of gravity.

So, If you feel yourself falling,
Just close your eyes.

Maybe it's better you crash and burn?
Pushing Daisies Aug 2014
I am still in motion,
The cogs nestled deep within my lungs still turn.
Despite the lack of air,
I find my breathing,
Remains steady like before,
Steady like the motor cars,
Steady - though my tank is near empty.

I keep driving,
Waiting to crash into you,
So are hearts may fuse together,
And our lips,
May finally meet.

I keep driving,
Searching for a sign,
Following the lamplight,
And cats eyes.
My fingers clenched,
With naive anticipation.

I keep driving,
Trying to take control,
from the backseat,

"Are we there yet?"

I scream, like a child, immature.

But there is no response,
I've been given the silent treatment,
For we've already reached,
our dead end.
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