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Oct 2014
Did you say it 'cause you were sad
Did I make you that mad?,
That your words were directed at my face with a jab?

After all we've been through?
After all you've told me?
You had the nerve to speak the words
"you dont even know me"?!

I know that I hurt you.
I'd apologize to this day.
But I'd turn to dust if I made you look back that way.

I want to leave it in the past,
But does it ever cross your mind?
How bad we got from great to grit in just so little time?

Because I was just too blind,
Didn't even open my eyes
But when I did, I realized that you were one of a kind.

Because when I fought for you...
It's something only one other had gotten.
But it was the other that buried my heart and you took it after it was rotten.

I won't ask any other questions,
Because I know what you can do..
Because deep down I seen your pain, but I'm scared to know the truth.

I just want to know...
if its real or my little myth?...
That I do not know the person that I fell in love with...
Honestly, I really really love when I get the feeling in my body that tells me "Start Writing! This one is going to be good!" Because every time I do, I let out so many meaningful lines that I can never figure out how to say in a regular conversation.
Endya Tremese
Written by
Endya Tremese
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