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Inevitable Jan 2022
Orion taunts me these nights,
stretched across the sky but never making it to battle.

The constellation mocks me these nights.
I wish Orion would fall from the sky and **** me.

What a beautiful tragedy that in ways he already has.
Inevitable Jan 2022
Drugs are enticing and exciting
She did it for the thrill, they were so inviting.

Pill after pill, needle after needle
As she lit another j, she became more feeble

She kept her door locked along with her lips.
She wouldn't tell anyone how reality would slip.

Theres no need to worry she did it all the time. She had no cares in the world and snorted another line.

This time wasn't like the rest, she was soon to know, like the older addicts, she was the next to go.

No one was aware how her mental would dip. She wasn't aware this was her last fu*king trip.
Inevitable Jan 2022
These wax wings stood no chance against your rays,
I was warned, I know, but what's more tempting than safety

or perceived safety.

Like Icarus I fell from the sky into the waters and met a cancer, now im drowing cause I can't swim.

id rather be star gazing
but that's what got me here in the first place.
Inevitable Jan 2022
Ive got these women deleting the apps we met on because they think i'm the one.

I'm not satisfied.

How could I be when i'm cosmically meant for you?
Inevitable Dec 2021
You'd think we were palm readers the way we inspected each others hands those nights.

Traced every line of our palms and covered every inch with fingerprints.

Maybe that's why you're not here anymore. Maybe you saw something I didn't.

oh to be in your hand once again.
or do you not think of those nights?
Inevitable Dec 2021
Its criminal to live life without who you're meant to.

Yes, I know I'm meant to

But now you've made a decision on a bet I guess that it'll work out between you two.

I wanna say I hope it does but im saying it behind a clenched jaw

I kinda hope it doesn't work out and you realize like I did that you made a mistake. I don't even know why you called me saying you're still gonna walk away after all you said

don't you want real and undeniable? but I guess I wasn't that reliable. im sorry I didn't know sooner. I guess this is goodbye my blue 2    I.D
Inevitable Dec 2021
I want you to come home but you're happy with thinking you'll find me in another lifetime.

I think I'm done with this one.
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