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Hedgehog Sep 2019
Something is coming
That will put us all to the grave
Everyone’s waiting
But they take it as a day like others
Pretending like it will be a day like others
Maybe if think about it
Its a day like others
You say I‘ll see you later
But will we
Cause everyone says its coming
What will you do
When the time comes
How will you protect your loved ones
Accepting your own death is easy
But what about family
I was inactive for a long time and had no time for poems.
Hedgehog Oct 2018
Everytime I thought I've reached a conclusion,the end
It feels like I'm awakened by something again
But there is nothing new,
It was always like this.
What changed is
My perception of it.
  Jul 2018 Hedgehog

Is it the wave kissing the sand
          or is it the ocean
                   deep from her heart
sometimes gently,
                                  often hard,
but always with passion?

Is it the sand kissing back
        or is it the land
            happily losing ground
with every kiss
             to his eternal mistress,
the occupant of his soul?

  Jun 2018 Hedgehog
In a library you could find a book's buildup,
There was this quiet girl who hid behind bookshelves.
She was special, for she took the courage to stand up;
For those who could not stand up for themselves.

She realized that those fighting what they're fearing,
Often did not have a choice.
And that the ones worth hearing,
Often did not have the loudest voice.

She was the one to have her sails unfurled,
In a storm, yet not inflect.
For sometimes those who change the world,
Are the ones you least expect.
Dedicated to everyone who has the courage to fight injustice and help others without thinking twice. You are the ones that change the world!
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