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Haritha Seby Feb 2016
My Valentine,
My sweet valentine,
A day that love will find its way.
Out of my heart and into your soul
I used to dream that someone whose touch would awaken my heart and fill me with sensations I had only imagined I would ever feel..I found the best friend and the best lover I could ever have hoped for... When I found you SHAN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Happy Valentine's day to ma dearest love
Haritha Seby Feb 2016
Some stars are
       destined for      
                            When you plunge.
Always do what you are afraid to do.One of the most amazing things that we often forget is God never forgets us! Face it; you could hide under a rock, BUT, God will still be beside you saying, "Rock bottom". Nothing is always be nothing. Understand yourselves and do  whatever you want. The good spirit always with you and  always seize you
Haritha Seby Feb 2016
Good Morning all
Once again morning sun,
shine like a queen,
to utter the clandestine
of life.
The greatest inspiration you can ever get is to know that you are an inspiration to others. This is not another day, this is yet another chance to make your dreams come true. Wake up and face life’s challenges head on. Else, life will become quite a challenge.
Good morning!!!!!  :)
Haritha Seby Feb 2016
Look at her, staying in height
Smiling like a new bride;
Shining choir singing silently
Around her with twinkle light
She fade often by side
Of dark leaves, moving slightly.

But her bright face pierced
Through the shadows of wood.
No one can see her tears
Behind her smile; she closed
Her book of sorrow and stood
In pretended gaity with deaf ears

Denying her feeling for
The happiness of lovely souls,
Wandering in the darkness
For finding a better shore
She never showed any fools
Till this day, in her brightness.

Haritha Seby Feb 2016
Oh wind, are you a creator?
Showed like a farmer.
Oh wind, are you a destroyer?
Destroyed like a warrior.

         Your mothely touches,
         Made orphans sleep.
         Your dreadful violence,
         Made families weep.
You joined the hearts
Of youthful lover's.
You combined the clouds
For freshful shower.
         **But you drowned the ships
         Of brave mariners.
         And taken the dreams
         Of chronic partners.

            ##SARNAAM MOHAMMED##
The poem is not mine..  by ma friend SARNAM MOHAMMED..
Haritha Seby Feb 2016
Hey luminous Dark!
You reflected my existence;
History of a nightingale,
This melancholic melodies,
Made for torment-
Or the tang of abandonment.
I love the silent hours in a night.. Some nights only for torturing me and some others gave blissfull dreams and Charming life... But for me, dark is terrorist. I conceal myself in the dark.. I had nothing to look forward too..
So Good Night!
A day gone and again reborn.
But i am always the same.
Haritha Seby Feb 2016
Will Seem
Desirable Site
All Because
Life is too short.. So i am trying to smile...
I was smiling yesterday.. I am smiling today..and i will smile tomorrow... Smile is a powerful weapon to attack our enemies... My enemies are my own depression and the pity looks of my colleagues.. So i always stand with a beautiful change this magical world...
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