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Apr 22 · 48
Loved ones
Gods1son Apr 22
Isn't it weird that the ones we call
our loved ones, are the ones we give
the least amount of our time to,
we show them the least amount of love and care.
Our excuse being "they understand".
It's high time we re-evaluated our priorities.
Apr 19 · 155
I'm sorry
Gods1son Apr 19
It's established that, to err is human
to ask for forgiveness is humility
to forgive is divinity in humanity.

When you err and you say sorry
You ought to mean it, because
the true value of what you say, is
your intention
Saying what you don't mean can
also be called deception
To say it and to mean it, is to try
to not want to repeat it (the error).
Apr 17 · 1.2k
Gods1son Apr 17
Women are very strong and powerful
No one can convince or confuse me
to think otherwise

I think Nature is not very nice to her
When she chooses to not fertilize her eggs,
she goes through pain every month
When she fertilizes her eggs, she has
to deal with changes in her body for
nine months. And then, childbirth pain.

Even the society is not very nice to her
If she's qualified for the job,
give her an equal chance
And pay her what she truly deserves
Also recognize her for her hardwork
But we know that's not how it goes

Against all odds, she still stands strong
Lots of accomplishments in this world wouldn't have been possible without her
Without her, the entire society will fall to the ground

Let's give her the respect and
credit she deserves.
Apr 14 · 51
Gods1son Apr 14
Sometimes, the little acts of kindness
(with little or no monetary value)
speaks the most to others.
We can all create a lovely and
positive aura around us,
it begins with me.
Apr 11 · 33
Once broken
Gods1son Apr 11
I was once a mess, a broken piece
But I was made into a Masterpiece
by the Prince Of Peace —
who also gave me hope and peace
Now, I am unmoved by the things
around me, that I hear or see
Instead, I'm moved by the One —
who lives on the inside of me
It's not by my own power or might
But by the One who's called me into His light
And, surely by His grace, I will run my race
and finish it with ace,
to the glory of His Holy Name.
Apr 10 · 41
Gods1son Apr 10
With faith, you can speak the things you hope for into existence
But speaking without following it with works renders the faith breathless
And even after doing the needful, oftentimes it's necessary to apply patience
Meanwhile your spirit remains doubtless
And soon enough, your victory becomes evident to all.
Apr 10 · 52
Gods1son Apr 10
The word "balance" seems so underrated
We need it in almost every aspect of our lives.
There has to be a balance between the time we commit to our jobs and our family.
Between work and play.
Between spending, saving and investing.
Balance is also important in our diet, hence "balanced diet".
Balance is crucial to live a quality life.
Apr 6 · 315
Gods1son Apr 6
Admittedly, to forgive is not always easy
But it is, without a doubt, very liberating
Not forgiving only increases the pain, hurt and stress
But forgiveness begins the healing process
Forgiveness is an act of self-love,
because you do it for you and not them.
Mar 31 · 36
Gods1son Mar 31
Majority of us are pregnant with
gifts and ideas (that's twins)
Most times, the first step needed to be taken
to birth them, is the step of faith.
Some people's excuse is "oh, now it's too late"
But Colonel Sanders was 65 years
when he birthed KFC
Like childbirth, birthing ideas and gifts
often needs labor
But you'll receive favor if you're walking in purpose
There's something in you waiting to be
birthed — give yourself to it.
Mar 20 · 156
Gods1son Mar 20
When we focus only on the action
(what was done) and ignore the intention (unrevealed goal), we lose a lot of information.

There's more going on in the heart
than what is played out
The heart is deep, it's hard to fully know
what's going on inside it.

Good intentions sometimes lead to
destructive outputs
And evil plans sometimes end up blessing
the targeted.
Mar 19 · 437
Black and White
Gods1son Mar 19
If life was meant to be viewed only in
black and white
God wouldn't have created all the colorful
things He made
God clearly loves diversity and that's why
He's made each of us (humans) unique in
our own way (pleasing to Him I believe).

I wonder why we still find it hard to accept
each other as God's Masterpieces
We were made with so much love deposited
in our hearts
Yet, we are allowing hatred to rule our world!

I look forward to the day when we will all see
the beauty in our differences and embrace
each other as ONE (as it was designed to be).
Mar 16 · 29
Gods1son Mar 16
What an amazing Masterpiece you are
But, a Masterpiece cannot be valued by all
If allowed, some would even rip it into pieces
See, it's easier to admire (like) something
than to cherish (care for) that same thing

Plus, some people are not ready to make sacrifices
So, protect your heart, knowing how valuable it is
Don't place it into any hand that doesn't know its worth
Remember, you are God's cherished Masterpiece.
Mar 15 · 498
Black excellence
Gods1son Mar 15
God made me and He gave me a heart of gold
See, my black skin is as pure as my soul
So, judge not my vessel by its outer coat
Look inside this vessel and see what it holds

Royalty runs through my arteries and veins
Efforts to put us under is efforts in vain
Because — Still, We Rise! like Maya said
I'm black excellence, a voice that cannot be silenced.
Mar 10 · 286
Gods1son Mar 10
I've seen the known swiftest person lose in a race
The strongest fought in a battle and came out defeated
The unqualified applied and emerged the chosen one
Meeting/exceeding the requirements is NOT always what it takes to win
Sometimes, grace and favor make all the difference.
Mar 7 · 62
While I'm here
Gods1son Mar 7
Taking a stroll down memory lane
Remembering beautiful souls who death has slain
****** — there's too many to count
There're those I thought left before their time
but who am I to determine the appropriate time

But this I know — it's a privilege to be alive
My deeds alone cannot keep my breath intact
To still be living is by God's grace in fact
So, while I'm here, it's a must I play my part
Because how we live each day really counts
Plus, to nobody is tomorrow guaranteed.
Mar 7 · 189
Gods1son Mar 7
Teach my heart to praise You, not only when I want something in return
But just to thank You for the marvelous things You've done

I don't want to make Your presence just an asking place
Instead, I want to seek your face multiple times daily, more than I open my social media pages

I know you are always there to talk
I know you care about me so much
Teach me to love you in return, unconditionally
Because with You, I want to live eternally.
Mar 7 · 45
Same Origin
Gods1son Mar 7
Maybe someday, we'll realize that
we are all trees from the same garden
And our physical differences are the
acts of the Great Farmer
Because diversity adds an extra layer
of beauty to His creation.

We all ought to bask in the sun (Son)
of the Almighty
And bear fruits to the glory of the Father.
Though some of us might be out of character
or purpose, His love towards us remains
Mar 7 · 39
Gods1son Mar 7
Half-empty or half-full, the only difference is your point of view
Problems or opportunities, the difference (often times) is how you choose to see it
Impossible or I'm possible, it's about what you believe and what you hold true.
Mar 7 · 48
Gods1son Mar 7
Being happy doesn't imply being problem-free
To be joyful doesn't mean you have no needs
A person could be on the Forbes list (seen as successful) and still want to cease to exist

A boat begins to sink when the water around it begins to flow inside it
Read the above line again and let it sink.
Mar 7 · 41
Gods1son Mar 7
It's funny how these smartphones
have only made us more phony
I wonder how many hide behind their screens and dish out lies
Causing some others to undervalue their own lives
No wonder depression is on the rise
It seems the stronger the internet connection, the weaker the physical interaction
I just hope that realness won't become obsolete someday.
Mar 7 · 63
Gods1son Mar 7
Wearing of masks is not new after all
What is somewhat new is the wearing
of masks made from fabrics
People have always worn masks made of
smiles or vocal masks like "I'm fine", "I'm okay"

I look forward to the days when all
forms of masks will be dropped
When we can bare our souls even
when we don't feel whole and
we wouldn't be judged but met with
kindness and empathy.
Sep 2020 · 117
Gods1son Sep 2020
Sitting by myself, pondering life
Why is man's biggest enemy an organism
of his own kind?
Why can't every single person be kind?
What's the need for all these strife?
What's the use of power if the aftermath is sour?  
Why is there so much pain, why do we try to hide it?
What is love? Is it real? why is it rare to find?
Why do we fall for lies and
despise the truth — what is true?
Why is the rate of divorce very high?
Why do people have to get high to get by?
Why do babies die?
What is life?
Why are there many questions but no answers?
Aug 2020 · 108
Stay woke
Gods1son Aug 2020
Misinformation is a tool used
by the media to ***** those
who would not dig to the root,
to find the truth.

What's the use of a huge load of
information if it ain't true—it's no good

Bold captions aren't always true depiction
of the actual situation
Don't be played by corporations
and institutions that want to keep
us in subjection.

Beware of their manipulations
Stay woke!
Aug 2020 · 98
Last days
Gods1son Aug 2020
In these last days, people will step
on the altar, to alter the truth
misleading adults and youths—
who wouldn't look into Luke
plus the rest of the Scriptures
for/by themselves because they
have turned lukewarm themselves.

It's high time we perused the Word
so as not to misconstrue the truth
and to not be used by the world.
Every "bright" light is not the Sun
Don't follow man and miss the Son
You have to pick the side that you're on
It's a battle, you need your full armor
But the truth will prevail in the end.
We are living in times where we need to know the Word for ourselves.
Jesus said “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me. John 14:6
Aug 2020 · 68
Close circle
Gods1son Aug 2020
If your circle of friends is not helping
you and the others grow, then it could
be acting as a cage hindering your growth.
This is one of those hard truths people
don't really like to hear, it's either
y'all fix up or you run for your life like a hare
Because your close contacts can really
affect how you see.
What do you think, do you agree: Yeah or Nah
Aug 2020 · 81
The Path
Gods1son Aug 2020
Your journey becomes clearer the further you proceed.

Wanting to know the end before starting
is a reason to never start.

It's important to plan but reality will always
switch the script—for better or otherwise.

The key is to have a vision, plan, proceed,
learn and adjust accordingly.
Aug 2020 · 134
Love of self
Gods1son Aug 2020
Love has to firstly look/reach inwards
before it can be expressed outwardly
You ought to love your neighbor as yourself
Meaning that—love truly begins with self
If you don't love you, it will be hard
for you to love others.
Aug 2020 · 77
Gods1son Aug 2020
Honestly—people can do a lot of good
things to/for you
But there are certain things nobody
can do for you
Top on the latter list are:
salvation and self-love.
1. Salvation is personal, they say (and it's true).
2. Nobody can love you for you —
you have to do it by yourself for yourself.
Aug 2020 · 593
Self Love
Gods1son Aug 2020
It's okay for someone to make
you feel happier
But your happiness shouldn't be
hinged on them.
You need to master self-love. Whether someone loves you or not, it shouldn't tamper with the love you have for yourself.
Aug 2020 · 87
My musing
Gods1son Aug 2020
The end of the world will not be the same for everybody
This morning marked the end for thousands already—
they are dead and gone.

The question then becomes—
what would your impact be while you're still here,
knowing that—to nobody is tomorrow guaranteed.

What kind of trail do you want to leave
If others follow it, where would it lead—
a place of fulfilment or desolation?

What would your legacy be
Do you think about these things
The life of the Earth isn't short
but the life of human is.

Start paying heed to what your impact should be.
Aug 2020 · 82
God is for me
Gods1son Aug 2020
It is not about who is against you,
it is about who is for you.
If God is for you,
your opposers will be witnesses
of your victory.
Aug 2020 · 110
Gods1son Aug 2020
Keep your head up,
all your efforts are not a waste.
When things begin to align,
it would all be worth it.
When it's your time,
there's no stopping it.
Be encouraged!
Aug 2020 · 194
Gods1son Aug 2020
They say love is blind. I say that's a lie.
I see your flaws and I know you see mine.
We are only humans —
we have our individual differences but that shouldn't blow us apart like a mine.
Hand in hand, we grow together
Make sacrifices for one another,
that's how we build stronger ties.
There are many things that can divide us
But all of them put together aren't
as powerful as genuine love.
Aug 2020 · 294
Gods1son Aug 2020
The fact that others are winning
doesn't mean you are losing.
Seeing yourself as a failure is
a lure into the abyss — don't do it!
Rejoice with those that are winning
Because life is about timing —
yours will come in its due season.
Let their win inspire you, not pressure you.
Aug 2020 · 69
The big difference
Gods1son Aug 2020
Sometimes, the only change
that changes almost everything
is—a change of perspective.
Have you tried that yet?
Aug 2020 · 94
Together as one
Gods1son Aug 2020
Life shouldn't be about "Them against Us"
nor should it be about "You against Me"
We should promote more collaboration,
instead of unnecessary competition.
What's there to gain from division?
We can reach great length when
we combine our individual strengths.
May 2020 · 239
Gods1son May 2020
The first set of obstacles that
needs to be conquered are
those that exist in the mind.
It's hard for a defeated mind
to win in reality.
Deal with the first things first.
May 2020 · 95
Gods1son May 2020
Sometimes, shedding needs to occur
before gaining can take place.
Shedding of negative thoughts, toxic relationships, limiting attitudes —
Letting these go, creates room for our blessings to reside.
May 2020 · 128
Gods1son May 2020
They throw stones at you because
they can see fruits on you,
Don't let their criticism get to you
Bless them too with your fruits
While you continue to produce.
May 2020 · 103
Gods1son May 2020
It isn't everyone that leaves you that is a loss
As a matter of fact, some people might need to
go away from us for us to better flourish
and that's why a farmer would remove weeds
that are growing amongst his/her crops.
May 2020 · 86
Gods1son May 2020
Their smile is not a proof that they are
happy for you but their thoughts toward you is.
But if you can't see their thoughts,
How can you tell the fake from the real.
Apr 2020 · 116
What is Love?
Gods1son Apr 2020
Why is it easier to spread the message of
fear and get the people terrified, petrified
Than it is to propagate the message of
love and get the people inspired, unified.

Is fear truly more powerful than love?
Does fear have a stronger grip than love?
Are we more receptive to fear than love?
Are we more fed with fear than love?
Is love the answer or is love overrated?

Or maybe I should just ask—
what really is Love?
Apr 2020 · 107
Transfer of ownership
Gods1son Apr 2020
Why do we often transfer our blames to
a third party entity — someone, something,
the devil or any other external thing
outside ourselves? Why!

As we point a finger at our accused,
three fingers of ours are pointing at us
like — Listen, this is on you!

It's easier to shush the voice of the truth
But acknowledgement has to come before
improvement or advancement.
Take ownership of your wrongs and
match on to do better.
Apr 2020 · 144
Gods1son Apr 2020
Tiny seeps of water into a boat
over an extended period of time
could eventually sink the boat.

The outside water isn't the trouble
but the one that is allowed to get in.

See the outside water as the crises
going on in the world today and
See yourself as the boat.

It is your duty to protect your soul
Don't let the news find its way within you
Remember—what is inside is more valuable
than everything on the outside combined.
Apr 2020 · 519
Joy and Peace
Gods1son Apr 2020
Some things are first seen by the heart
before they become visible to the eyes.
An invention for example, was first an
idea in the mind before it's given life
and then revealed to the world.

Don't search outside for what is within
Joy and peace are found on the inside
If you can't picture it, you can't draw (fetch) it out
Let the unseen influence the seen
and not the other way around.
Apr 2020 · 142
Relay race
Gods1son Apr 2020
Life is like a relay race
To be on earth is to be on the track
It is needful that we all play our part and
run with zeal before we pass the baton.

Our talents and gifts are a blessing
to the world at large,
If we use them right, we help to put
the world in a better place

While you're still here in the earth
Do all you can to make your mark
Positively impact the lives around you
That they might also run with gusto

Collectively, we can improve our world
'cause we are in this race of life together.
Apr 2020 · 110
Gods1son Apr 2020
"Hate" is a word that I hate to mention
But I strongly dislike these politicians
that are ******* us and
even the next generation(s).

The ones that have built almost no infrastructure.
The only structure they have in place is
that of funds misappropriation.

The ones that rule over us but are
themselves ruled by greed and insecurity.
They steal more than they will ever need,
jeopardizing the nation by their corruption.

Their country is living in difficulty and
they care only about their own prosperity.
They fool the people by doing good towards the end of their tenure so that they can win the next election.

These are not leaders, I call them Poli-thief-ians.
Apr 2020 · 92
Cart before the Horse
Gods1son Apr 2020
Wait a minute!
Why have I put the cart before
the horse for so long, when I know
that it is not the logical thing to do.

Here's what I mean, how often do we say –
Here's what I've begun, now God, bless it.
Kinda like, here's the house that I've built,
Can you decorate it God?

Instead of making Him the architect,
we want to hire Him as a painter.
Instead of making Him the planner,
we remember Him as a rescuer.

If only we'll reverse the roles,
Then we'll stop sweating in the cold.
If we'll look to Him for His blessed plans
His blessed hands will be evident in our lives.
Apr 2020 · 91
Gods1son Apr 2020
The phases of transformation or
metamorphosis aren't always attractive
But the end result is usually appealing.

Take a cue from a beautiful butterfly 🦋
That was once an "unattractive" caterpillar 🐛
But she didn't stop evolving until she got her wings

No matter where you are along your journey
Never allow anyone terminate your growth
Someday, your caterpillar will grow wings and fly.
Apr 2020 · 74
Gods1son Apr 2020
Just like you (I'll guess), I also feel
uncomfortable being trapped in
the comfort of my own home.

Though I have internet, TV, PC, mobile phone,
game console, a fridge full of food, snacks,
fitness equipment, king-sized bed
But all of these feel incomplete without freedom.

Suddenly, the home that I always look
forward to be in, now feels like a cage.

But, let us not forget, some people are
actually stuck in real cages -

Solitary confinement, 23 hours a day in
prisons, jails and penitentiaries.
Sadly, some of them for offences
they did not even commit.

While we are protecting our own body system
they are being ******* by
government policies and system.

There might not be anything you and I
can do about it
But let us keep things in perspective.
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