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Feb 5 · 27
I Got A Friend
One Who Wishes To Stay With Me Forever
Don't Know How!
I Asked Her Name
She Replied~Loneliness,
I Refused Becz
I am Happy Alone.
Refused But Still With Her
Jan 16 · 78
White Rose
I can't stop looking at you
Your peaceful beauty is a heaven
I can't stop talking to you
Your peaceful voice is a heaven
Every time I wish You in my ARMS
Every time I think you in me
Your beauty is Just
a serenity of a White rose who recently blossomed
Found some similarities
wish to express
Jan 3 · 28
Couple of years ago
I found something rare
Indeed Failed to recognize
Whenever I spotted her eyes
My soul perceived divine
Indeed Failed to recognize
May this turning 16 offer some senses
Again! I don't wanna fail to recognize
Happy Birthday O(negative)❤️
May 2020 · 57
Million Roses
Kartikay sangal May 2020
I got some of my way
Who knows where the destinies are
Feelings became fantacies with million scars
Your voices become favourate melody of my heart
I don't deserve still i say
Can you give me one more start
May 2020 · 59
Fight back
Kartikay sangal May 2020
Spill it or make it
The moment becomes yours
Thinking overnight what's the cause
Whatever the cause would be
Let's stand united ,
just Stay at home
And wait for the time
Further no one knows
I greet the heroes with my words
Apr 2020 · 392
Kartikay sangal Apr 2020
Crakcy lanes my heart suffered
Begin to emerge once again
I know how to cope
I know how to live
Enjoy the tears you wished
My soul bursts and
Saw the pain
laughter n happiness came to mourn and cried
Apr 2020 · 477
I can't
Kartikay sangal Apr 2020
I can't afford getting ignored
What I wish already drowned
I can't watch myself alone
I want as we were before
I can't see you losing your interest
It's better let's follow the truth
I can't even accept the reality
It will became painfully deadliest forever
Oct 2019 · 125
Good toy
Kartikay sangal Oct 2019
Today I missed, and smile passed
I am guilty to ignore so far
Your jealousy give me sensation to love
But your opinion is important! Right?
Time is less,
Every morning is lonely
Thinking about you became the only job of mine
Please be mine before the next sun shine
I can't afford to have such a spouse in my entire life.
Love is blind and makes every movement hard af
Sep 2019 · 96
Wrong vibes...
Kartikay sangal Sep 2019
The love i wished is pending apart
Unwanted love came inside my heart
Broke my heart into pieces and went,
True love left with me at last.
She still feels i am on her,
But who knows how worse i was.
Sep 2019 · 507
Wrong way
Kartikay sangal Sep 2019
The society I wished for vansished far away,
Casteism and racism fevered all the way,
Dreams which he saw for a independent flight,
Now rested with falling into shallow dark light.
Sep 2019 · 107
Kartikay sangal Sep 2019
Still some felling left hiden inside my heart,
But I can't express you as it become hard.
When you stares me from your class,
I wish I could stay there till it lasts.
But when you comes closer,
Your ignorance hurts
What I could do
You have someone else to crush.
I wish I could go back in the past,
And forget you to give my life a new start.
Nothing can be more complicated than loving the same girl twice😊
Sep 2019 · 76
Sweet dreams
Kartikay sangal Sep 2019
Whenever you are chasing,
Dreams over dreams.
Sometimes it's good to wake up from sleep,
It may hurt you for a long,
But it's better to start like a creep.
Starting from small to hunt big,
Needs you to sacrifice all your greed.
Rising from poverty gives you happiness,
But falling from royality is a huge matter of grief.

— The End —