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Elijah Lee Jul 2019
Feeling that pain
It's hard to maintain
Going insane

I lost it all
Even my control
Lost it's hold
Leaving me no hope

As I realized quite slow
He didn't even know
I'd been here at all
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
Monday is second
He is strong
He's a ding-****

He leads them along
A smile on his face
Where it belongs

As he leads us with grace
To the pond
This isn't finished, but here's this!
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
Sunday is the oldest
The wisest
And tallest

She holds their hands
Across the street
So they will never be harmed

She drives them to school
Then goes to the pool

Homes their last stop
Doing this nonstop
Here's my poem about Sunday, whom plays a sister in this poem.
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
It tastes so sweet
Smile spreads on a face

A skip of joy
Happiness across my mind

My heart skips a beat
Satisfaction and glee

It tastes so nice
Good spirits around

It tastes rich
And leaves me laughing
One of my worst poems by far!
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
They would miss me
Mourn their loss

On the bed of death
I stay

Dressed up pretty
With friends around

Tear filled faces
Filled with frowns
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
Red glow
Thoughts of war

Shot by shot
Another solider lost

Help defend
When will it end?

Wounds to tend
You will bend
A friend asked me to write something based on the colour red awhile back. So here it is.
Elijah Lee Jul 2019
The stars shine bright
In the night

What a beautiful sight
A stunning height

Skies stretch
With brimming elegance

My favorite sight
A starry night
Here's one of the first poems I wrote! Critique?
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