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Eden Sep 15
it was 4am when
i noticed his text.
“are you up?” he asked.
rubbing my eyes, i answered,
“yeah. need to talk?”
because anyone who is awake
at 4am is either heartbroken
or in love.
and i am very, very
Eden Aug 31
i’m so sorry
that no one saw the dangers
of a sleeping sixteen-year-old
being kissed by strangers.
Eden Apr 17
here, we do not talk about the mistakes.
we do not bring them to the light,
we let them sit inside our dark places,
let them fester and rot; eventually,
we let them **** us.
it’s only a matter of time, you see.
but we never speak of them.
the truth is this:
you cannot give with one hand,
and take with the other.
Eden Jan 12
i walked in,
found him laying on the floor
wearing jeans and a sweater,
and he was shivering.
it was July.
i never understood anything
until that moment
Eden Dec 2018
your pathetic apologies did not
save you then,
your pitiful threats of war do not
save you now,
you are lucky i carry the mercy
of a mother in my soul.
because if i didn’t,
i would pull the rain from the clouds
and drown you in their sorrows.
Eden Nov 2018
my friend once told me
“most people cannot sleep
because sleep requires peace”
and to this day
i still cannot meet his eyes
i don’t know if i want to know, either.
Eden Oct 2018
i didn’t quite understand
until judas knocked at my door
and held my hands in his
“I forgive you,”
he told me
“now forgive yourself.”
steady now, your hands are shaking.
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