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white light, never grey,
you've come to rest
upon my hand
do not fly away!
i am held in awe of you
i'm held in your sway
this is what i wish
this is what i pray
i will not be selfish
i'll be kind today
you'll find a home
within my heart
then maybe
you'll stay...

i'll be truly faithful
i'll be truly meek
i'll be truly patient
i will uphold the weak
i'll lead by example
those who truly seek...

i've been meditating
upon the skies above
what i've searched for
all my life
is your perfect love

true wealth's in the humble
retribution to forgive
the walk will make you stumble
in death we truly live

so i will be long-suffering
and i will release
the joy that is inside me

i will be at PEACE.

(C) 1/16/2016
the dove represents the Holy Spirit.
operating in the Spirit is
absolutely vital for a follower
of Jesus Christ.

humble, faithful prayer
draws the Spirit
but doves are flighty

but only if the Believer is

the attitude to have:


these are attitudes impossible to
maintain without the Holy Spirit.

the above poem is my prayer
for the day.

My sleep is crowded
With recurring nightmares
Of failing Grade 12 French;
Standing naked and exposed;
Seeing the one you love
Love someone else;
The anxiety of an empty back pocket;
Swerving cars,
Crap falling from planes;
The inevitable chase and stumbling
Just ahead of the apocolypse.
The morning daymare news
Is definitely more frightening,
The end times more certain.
 Nov 2015 Evie Hammond
Joe Cole
 Nov 2015 Evie Hammond
Joe Cole
I hate the ****** things
But I love them
Tangled round my feet
And I have to be so careful where I step
Midnight killers
The remains of night feasting on my conservatory carpet
To greet me in the morning
Who wants to spend hours with a ball of black fur sat on their lap?

Yes, that's me
Maxemillion, Merlin and Spartacus
My black shiny boys
Three brothers who I don't own
I don't own! Simple really, we don't own cats because they own us

I hate cats
Etched in his mind,
The internal war,
Haemorrhaging blood,
Hidden once more,

Slowly he’s dying,
His body too weak,
Paralysed lips,
Unable to speak,

Traumatic life,
Slipping away,
His heavy soul,
Aching today.

He witnessed it all,
The burden unseen,
Screaming their names,
Tortured in dream,

His cries settle,
His memory fades,
Wiping the tears,
For former comrades.

For all the soldiers alive today, we will remember them too.
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