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Hunger Dec 2020
I look down a tunnel and all I can see,
Is so many bright lights shining at me,
And i realize just how beautiful life can be,
I try to understand why sometimes i am sad,
And thinking about it just makes me get mad,
But I smile each time at the end,
Fire away life I will conquer each trial you send,
Come around every corner a hardship begins,
But in the end I am the hero who always wins,
Don't ever think you can challenge me and friends,
We have gone through many trials through all of life's bends,
And I still smile through it all,
And  I will still stand tall,
Dedicated to: SMH
this was for a friend, i am still very depressed
Hunger May 2020
I had a meaning but now i am lost,
I must be unlucky that this thought my mind crossed,
I thought that i could sustain,
that which i cannot obtain,
And now i fell feel lost,
Lost Lost Double Heart Crossed,
Drowning in a river of dreams,
That sinking deep between the board's cracks and seams,
Lost, empty, pointless, and broken,
Ask me how i am feeling? Fine, enough spoken,
I am doing fine
But some reason i feel lost in every way,
What should have been a burden off my chest,
Is this constant feel of sorrow and unrest,
I brought somone into my life and made them my all,
I thought they would love me forever if i could stand tall,
But wearing stilts will never help those who are hard to love,
when you feel dead inside nothing can help you stand above,
The feelings that you are lost in,
The feelings deep within,
The feelings that grasped the mind heart and soul,
Only end up eating me Whole,
Save Our Ship,
Here's A Tip,
Don't have hopes for the things you cant have now,
Only hope that one day you can .
I fell in love with someone who is older than me and they broke it off till i get older and now i am stuck only thinking about them and crying that i am so young.
Hunger May 2020
A friend of a friend is the friend i made,
Cause its with my best friend that my new friend had stayed,
This friend that i have is both kind and sweet,
Don't let her words of death and dry heat,
Beat you away from the loving heart underneath,
From her pretty purple nails to her bright white teeth,
There is more than meets the eye to the friend that i'd meet,
So funny and sleepy,
A bit edgy and a bit creepy,
There is none quite the person i was meeting,
She drinks Coca-cola like it was *******,
And burned through Melatonin like it was propane,
But underneath of all the things that made her so fun,
Was a brave and quirky person that shines like the sun,
She radiates and glows a very chill vibe,
But strikes you as the person who'd never take a bribe,
Honest and upright she always does stand,
Her good morals she clutches in the palm of her hand,
She respects others in every way that she can,
And seems to be better than any friend that would be a man.
About My Friend Of A My Friend Who Is My Friend.
Hunger Apr 2020
Dear Blood Stained Black Rose,
Disasters seem to strike with many hard blows,
You seem so beaten, battered, and wilted,
But you won't let life leave you tilted,
You don't let life define you,
Instead you bud in the winter and defy nature too,
You press in the snow when the nights grow cold,
You only grow stronger and hold faster as you grow old,
Dear Blood Stained Black Rose you left a lot behind,
It hurts my soul and strains my mind,
As i realize how fierce the storms you face are,
But you still shine bright like the finest star,
Your petals bloom into a beautiful flower,
You give all the credit to the Lord who gave you the power,
Seemingly dead at first i hold my breath,
I am glad you realized life has more hope than death.
Hunger Mar 2020
Who are we,
Who are we,
We are the protector the one who comes to save,
We are the one who takes the blows and stays brave,
One two skip a few,
You blink and its a different me looking back at you,
We are the lover the passion that blazes,
We have the care that lives to walk relationship mazes,
Again Again with the nod of a head,
You realize again that another me is dead,
Now We are the crazy the life of the party,
We sing we dance and we eat meals that are very good and hearty,
You roll your eyes,
And another me dies,
We are the genius the mind and the brain,
We enjoy that homework you saw as a pain,
You drop your pen,
We change to a different person again,
We are the servant the one who comes to help,
We come at your beck, call, yelp, and whelp,
You reach out to try to pull me back in,
But there are more then one of us to love my friend,
We are the many inside of the few,
We are here and you don't know how to explain us or what to do.
+----(JUST ACCEPT US)----+
Devoted to Lucifer, Pearl, Alfred, Numby(Wick), Crow, and Alastor
Because We are Me,
But with company!
Hunger Nov 2019
People still don't care about my dream,
They act like what I love is just a meme,
They stomp all my hopes of being me,
They act like who I am just cannot be,
I am so sick of you hating what I love,
Isn't this stupid hate easier to stand above,
If you really love me then set me free,
Let me grow wild like a redwood tree,
That is not to much to ask for,
U just say it is as a reason to close my favorite door.
No reason for people to hate me playing video games, so then why on God's beautiful green earth do you stop me?
Hunger Oct 2019
My mind so full of such few words,
Making my concentration fly out of my mind like a flock of birds,
A song,
A gong,
A chime,
A mime,
A lot of words fill my brain and some send shivers down my spine,
And some thoughts I question are they even mine,
All of them so tightly packed in,
In my skull so hidden deep within,
Pounds and pounds of useless grey matter,
Filled with noises from pitter to patter,
Legends and Tales,
Buckets and Pales,
Crab and Snails,
Sharks and Whales,
Words on Words on Words again,
I wish right now I could talk to a friend,
But alas the words the only come out on paper,
For you my readers to continually savor.
We all have those days when we can't read cause our mind is just to
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