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  Mar 2016 Marie Belle
Thank you.
Thank you for helping me through every panic attack.
Thank you for holding me close when I started to shake,
for never walking away...
even when I told you to.
Even when I cried, "it would be easier for you"
You just told me that you didn't want easy,
and that you were here to stay.

Thank you for understanding that some days I just wanted to be left alone.
You always seemed to know that it would wear off and all I would want for hours on end would be to hold you close.
Thank you for understanding that even in my moments of blind rage,
you were never really the target of such hate.

You helped build me up, and stood by as I fought my demons.
Reminded me that they didn't make me any less of a wonderful person.
You will always be my safe harbor,
regardless how many miles I travel.
Thanks Zak.
  Nov 2015 Marie Belle
AL Braddy
Red Heated rash,
stinging to the touch.

Aching to the core,
and burning through your skin.


Then it starts to peel.

The rash will eradicate,
the burn will be no more,
the pain will peel away.

The skin will be renewed,
the red now replaced with fleshy pink,
and the ache now a dull pain.

But the heart remains broken,
it's love now shattered,
the inside torn,
and the ligaments now severed.

The Ache is Diminished,

But the burn is forever.
Sun Burn: Please understand the representation of the sunburn. (Hint: It's not really a sunburn.)
  May 2015 Marie Belle
You describe your eyes as hazel
but they are so much more
Your eyes are not merely a colour;
a shade ; a hue

Your eyes are the reflection
of a sunset upon the ocean
Your eyes are my favourite flower
blossoming a season too soon

Your eyes are the final firework
of a beautiful display
Your eyes are the reoccurring dream
that I will just never forget

Your eyes are the door to your soul
and the window to my hope
Your eyes are so much more
than hazel

  May 2015 Marie Belle
kelly huckle
I look around me
I walk around back and forth
I can't breathe
My head is spinning in thought
I can't breathe

Someone get me out of this dark tunnel
I can't breathe
My heart is beating really fast
I can't breathe

Why won't this stop I feel like this won't end.
I can't breathe
  May 2015 Marie Belle
There was once a girl,
sweet as a candy
Innocent as a butterfly

She existed like everyone else
Not a single soul disliked her
She realized the real meaning of life,
When she was in Love...
A girl, who everyone loved
was in love

Ready to do anything for him
Gave up everything for him
But... he never felt the same
Instead, he hated her
He treated her like she wasn't meant to live
She asked the reason why?
But he never replied...
Still for her, he was her prince

She asked herself "Don't I deserve love?"
None noticed her pain
One day she disappeared
with no clue left behind
None knew whether she was alive or dead
She came like an angel who made everyone smile
And was left with nothing
She was gone...
No one ever knew
#Love #Life #Hate #Pain
  May 2015 Marie Belle
I still remember the day you walked into my life. It was lightly raining and the sun was just starting to come out, but it was still dark and gloomy. It's funny how the moment I see that geeky-looking kind of guy, I never thought I'd be so in love with him till today. It's frustrating that I can't re-live that moment, but I'm happy that I've met you.*

But, all of this jealousy seeing you with her, daydreaming and running away from life, it's not healthy for me. I am very sure that I love you as I keep on giving excuses for all the pain you've caused me. I still think of your feelings after all the pain. I was ready to be there for you even after ending things. This isn't healthy for me, I know, but I can't help it when it comes to you.
that was a long hiatus. but here is a moment of my life right now. Painful, and barely holding on to my own life and feelings.

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