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Pratham Sanghvi Aug 2023
Your gaze might not take my breath away
But when I’m breathless, you breathe back life in me
Your touch might not freeze the ground below my feet
But when my legs feel too heavy, you set my sole free
You might not be my bright sunny day
But you are the stars of my night sky
You might not light up my life
But you give me hope in the darkest of times
You might not be the love I was looking for
But you are the peace that I found
You might not be the piece that completes my puzzle
But you are the peace that holds it all together
You might not be the love that will give my life purpose
But you are the peace that sustains me
Pratham Sanghvi Nov 2022
Does life even have a purpose
Or has society given it meaning
I don't remember being born with a checklist
But society saw my gift and wrote my destiny

I try to elude it, but it always finds me
Is free-will a myth and is success the only deity
Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining
I’m not the recalcitrant teen who rebels to revel
I’m the one who’s lost at the intersection of fate and destiny

God decides your fate they told me
They told me there’s a god inside me
And the fate I’ve chosen is poles apart my destiny
I am coerced into craving this utopic life idealised by society
Who should I pick, who knows better?
Society that evolved over eternity or a teen just past puberty

In these moments I turn to love to help me
I think of my parents and do as they tell me
Love demands selflessness and that will drive me
My purpose on this earth is to help everyone besides me
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
Night after Night
It eats from me
A piece of my soul I lose
With every new day I breathe

Its not easy
The world had warned me
It's not breezy
To pursue the dreams you see

Life is not fair
Not everyone can be the heir
This throne is for the brave
Not them who live only to reach their grave

But deep within I know the fights worth it
My heart wants this every bit
For every part of me I lose a new one will take form
For at the end of my pursuit a great man will be born.
I wrote this when i was in dire need of motivation and it seemed to do wonders for me. I hope it gives you the push you need.
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
No one knows that I'm never alone
Even with the crowd gone
The doors latched and curtains drawn
He lies with me, in my bed
And whispers his eerie songs

He never leaves my side
Yet never reveals himself to others
He claims to be a master of disguise
I'd say he's invisible rather

Whenever there's a soul around
He hides under my shadow
And just like me, he gets awkward
When cupid plays with his arrow

He knows me better than I do
He'll listen to me whenever I want him to
He is my companion
He is my secret friend
He'll accompany me even after my life on earth will end.
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
She looked at him
Half a tear in her eye
Almost felt sorry
For saying goodbye

True love to him
Felt like a big ol' lie
He walked away, didn't turn back
For to her he didn't want to reveal
The other half of the tear that he cried
Pratham Sanghvi Oct 2019
I feel something I've never felt before
I feel it right to my core

It steals from me without me knowing
And yet i keep going
Deep into these unknown trenches
Losing half of my soul and all of my senses

I kept at stake my heart
And lost my mind too
I chose to give you my love
I ended up dying too.

— The End —