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Dashalynn Oct 2019
Mind in tune with harmonies of the dark
A moonless night
Stars shining bright beside velvet black sky
Gleaming in jealousy
How her beauty out shone their light
A sky full of stars
I’m only looking at her
Loving and longing to be loved
I fell for her
I haven’t gotten up since
For the girl I love, on a night where we watched meteors fly through the sky <3
Dashalynn Jun 2019
Sheltered by your warm embrace
I lie with you  like I’ve died
When in fact I’ve never felt more alive
I watched as the moonlight danced upon your skin
Glistening under the starlight
I held you close,
I couldn’t help but think
The smell of you is simply intoxicating
Dashalynn Jun 2019
It’s been nice getting to know you,
Waking up with you every morning,
Holding you while you cry,
Listening to you laugh,
We’ve known each other all this time,
And I’m sorry,
I just can’t believe that...
I’m only just now falling in love with you.
Dashalynn Jun 2019
You just get me.
You are there for me,
Even when I hide away,
You find me.
Although be it strange,
You comfort me.
You are hard to let go of love,
Because even though you may be lonely,
At least you never leave me.
Dashalynn Jun 2019
That incessant sound...
If you wouldn’t mind,
This pressure is making me anxious.
I am not quite sure what I want yet.
Yes, I know, I’m turning 23,
But please...
I’m still trying to find me.
Dashalynn Jun 2019
I stood on the edge of sanity
Crippled with self doubt and inadequacy
Wondering what it would feel like to be free
Free from the heartache
Free from past mistakes that plague my body like a sickness immune to our technological advancements
Free from the obligation to be who they all wanted me to be...
I jumped today
Through the grey clouds that surrounded me
Falling faster I found my wings,
I learned what it meant to be free
I jumped today...

And I just wanted you to know, I survived.
Dashalynn Jun 2019
As the bright red hue of your taillights faded into the distance, I was reminded just how stupid it was to have worn my heart on my sleeve.
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