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718 · Jun 2019
Falling in love with myself
Dashalynn Jun 2019
It’s been nice getting to know you,
Waking up with you every morning,
Holding you while you cry,
Listening to you laugh,
We’ve known each other all this time,
And I’m sorry,
I just can’t believe that...
I’m only just now falling in love with you.
393 · Oct 2019
Meteor Shower
Dashalynn Oct 2019
Mind in tune with harmonies of the dark
A moonless night
Stars shining bright beside velvet black sky
Gleaming in jealousy
How her beauty out shone their light
A sky full of stars
I’m only looking at her
Loving and longing to be loved
I fell for her
I haven’t gotten up since
For the girl I love, on a night where we watched meteors fly through the sky <3
329 · Nov 2018
To: My First Love
Dashalynn Nov 2018
For the moment your lips said you didn't feel the same
Was the moment my heart felt what it was like to fall into a million pieces
231 · Jun 2019
This is new
Dashalynn Jun 2019
Sheltered by your warm embrace
I lie with you  like I’ve died
When in fact I’ve never felt more alive
I watched as the moonlight danced upon your skin
Glistening under the starlight
I held you close,
I couldn’t help but think
The smell of you is simply intoxicating
195 · Nov 2018
A Paradox
Dashalynn Nov 2018
She is tough, yet gentle,
Complicated yet simple,
Sure yet unsure,
Ordinary yet extraordinary,
Predictable in her unpredictability,

She is a paradox

And she is exhilarating.
179 · Feb 2019
Carpe Diem
Dashalynn Feb 2019
For there will never be enough time, if we make the best with the time we have, perhaps if we are lucky...if just for a moment...time will stand still
168 · Jun 2019
I jumped today
Dashalynn Jun 2019
I stood on the edge of sanity
Crippled with self doubt and inadequacy
Wondering what it would feel like to be free
Free from the heartache
Free from past mistakes that plague my body like a sickness immune to our technological advancements
Free from the obligation to be who they all wanted me to be...
I jumped today
Through the grey clouds that surrounded me
Falling faster I found my wings,
I learned what it meant to be free
I jumped today...

And I just wanted you to know, I survived.
159 · Jun 2019
Loneliness, my Best-friend
Dashalynn Jun 2019
You just get me.
You are there for me,
Even when I hide away,
You find me.
Although be it strange,
You comfort me.
You are hard to let go of love,
Because even though you may be lonely,
At least you never leave me.
153 · Nov 2018
Dashalynn Nov 2018
"The moment in which we stop living for others, is the moment in which the richness of our lives is replenished."
137 · Jun 2019
I sign my letters
Dashalynn Jun 2019
Dear, no one...

-love always, Dasha

As if always isn’t a commitment?
I fear commitment like some fear the end of the world.
Perhaps, it is not committing I am afraid of,
But having someone change their mind.
125 · Nov 2018
2:22 am
Dashalynn Nov 2018
When living gets to be too heavy a burden to bare
I tell myself I am enough
Often telling myself that I am enough, is not enough
If not enough in my own eyes, I tell myself that I am in God's eyes
120 · Jun 2019
Biological clock
Dashalynn Jun 2019
That incessant sound...
If you wouldn’t mind,
This pressure is making me anxious.
I am not quite sure what I want yet.
Yes, I know, I’m turning 23,
But please...
I’m still trying to find me.
110 · Jun 2019
Vulnerability hurts.
Dashalynn Jun 2019
As the bright red hue of your taillights faded into the distance, I was reminded just how stupid it was to have worn my heart on my sleeve.
95 · Nov 2018
Battle Scars
Dashalynn Nov 2018
I am not ashamed of my scars
For they show what I've lived
Ashamed I am
For those that lack understanding
93 · Nov 2018
I Would Tell You
Dashalynn Nov 2018
What would I do if I weren't afraid?
I would tell you that I like you.
Well that wouldn't be entirely accurate.
I would tell you that every time I see you, my heart beats faster.
I would tell you that I get butterflies at the mention of your name.
I would tell you that I go out of my way to let you know just how special you are because you are, so. *******. special, to me.
I would tell you that I replay our conversations in my head like, all the time.
I would say just how having you in my life makes my days that much brighter.
I would tell you that ever since I met you, I smile a lot more than I used to.
I would tell you that talking to you literally makes my entire day, and when you look at me I swear I can't breathe.
I would tell you that every time I walk into a room I automatically look for you first.
I would tell you that a lot of people call my name, but you are the only person who can make it sound so **** special.
I would tell you that you are not mine, but sometimes I pretend you wish you were.
I would tell you that I want your heart because you stole mine.
If I wasn't afraid, I would tell you that seeing you with someone else is something that I don't want to see, or imagine because truth is…I'm crazy about you. But that's just it, it's crazy because I will never not be afraid because saying any of this ruins what we have.

What I tell myself is, I'd rather have you as a friend only, if It meant losing you completely.

I tell myself, this is how it has to be...

And I tell myself…I'm okay with it.
91 · Nov 2018
Dashalynn Nov 2018
For it was never based on his beauty,
But in his magnetism,
So enchanting
I would have fallen in love with him,
Even with my eyes closed
88 · Nov 2018
A Sleepless Hour
Dashalynn Nov 2018
3 am is not for the dreamers but rather the seekers

It is for the ones with minds over run by thoughts of someone that is surely not thinking of them

3 am is not for the lovers but for the lonely

It is for the ones that love love and to be loved but are not yet loved themselves
85 · Nov 2018
Dashalynn Nov 2018
You were my first thought in the morning and my last thought before I fell asleep
Even when I thought my mind needed a break from you my dreams had other plans
You were my every beginning thought and end and almost every thought in between
But now you're a minds distant memory
Out from under the spell of you my thoughts can breathe
And as I lay myself to sleep tonight my mind is finally free
81 · Nov 2018
I remember...
Dashalynn Nov 2018
I remember a lot of what I wish I could forget,
but I will never not remember,
81 · Nov 2018
Dashalynn Nov 2018
She loves hard because she knows how it feels to be loved so little
75 · Nov 2018
End Game
Dashalynn Nov 2018
Her scars tell a story, the story of her life
The battles fought and the battles won
She has lost more battles than she has ever won
but winning the war is all that really matters
69 · Nov 2018
The Dream of You
Dashalynn Nov 2018
Our stars could never recognize each other's paths
Our hearts could never beat as one
Chasing a love that would never be mine
I am left with an emptiness inside
I surrendered my heart to the dream of you

— The End —