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May 3 · 116
Khoisan May 3
am a feeble man
hapless thoughts
face my gravestone
dead poets
their words are restless
forever out there
those in need.
in the still of the sight
I RiP.
Khoisan Apr 30
I still remember the time
I felt immortal
I do remember the times
I am immortal
I believe in the dream
I am immortal
I do remember
what and everywhere
I am immortal
when and everywhere
I am loved
by the ones who loved me back.
Apr 18 · 106
Khoisan Apr 18

gold and clovers

Daisy's and Roses


Become a Tanka poem
Can coexist like the Nature of an Irish myth
Khoisan Apr 18
North, South, East, West.
A bad brother
automatically abused
a drunk father
fundamentally removed
a twisted sister
consciously refused
a dead mother
genetically re-used
by people
who eat people,.
Kings and Queens
of the Zombiglobe.
Apr 17 · 196
War - Tanka
Khoisan Apr 17
Devil for devil
changing one for another
their demons of death
shapeshifting the Gods of war
inside catacombs for skulls
Apr 15 · 159
We spy.
Khoisan Apr 15
Oh my gosh!!!
the stories we have been telling,
relentless crockery
my best friend and me
"The wife and I"
Khoisan Mar 1
The sky is blazing

tear-drops spill
(from the wine press)

it is Me mary

She lifts the shroud off the sun

the Son of man is riZen
Khoisan Oct 2023
Earth grind slutty slime
pulled from a minds remembral
an extinguisher.
Oct 2023 · 495
EJAP - Senryu.
Khoisan Oct 2023
We were once in love
It's  hard to fathom those winds
rage has no compass.
Oct 2023 · 454
A journalist in Gaza
Khoisan Oct 2023
He writes of the spaces in between
where few actually notice
taking note of movements
like blowing a whistle
he nibbles on his quill
observing shadows
below his lantern.
Oct 2023 · 1.8k
On a road to nowhere.
Khoisan Oct 2023
Black bombs fly
religious people lie
sky scrapers cleric capers
THOSE!!!! archaic papers rise
here human dwelling must crumble
and masses must die.
in this barren space of Arabic land
feet aimlessly plod
the elderly pray
widows wail
orphans weep
and babies cry
on the order 1947
sacked from a place called heaven
waves in a sandstorm
40 nights and 40 more....
THOSE!!!! ghouls are rotten to the core
killing innocence
and much, much more....
Sep 2023 · 232
Sign-posts of life.
Khoisan Sep 2023
Where paths cross people meet
some stay over for a while
others disappear completely
some staved the cane
the rear view mirror
was never
a path
to their aim.
Sep 2023 · 130
A quill - Haiku
Khoisan Sep 2023
Heart palpitations
a bleeding appenditure
the poets feather
Sep 2023 · 195
Boneless moan - Senryu
Khoisan Sep 2023
I'm out of the game
a yard a yarn a yearning
flaccid broke insane
Sep 2023 · 302
Lucky lips Inc - Senryu
Khoisan Sep 2023
Mired without ask
tasked on model complexion
"It's" wearing a mask
The masks we unravel
Sep 2023 · 199
Khoisan Sep 2023
You can look at life
Camouflage hate
think of the stars
and disengage love
spin it around
inside out upside down
and you will find
at the end of the matrix
stood a clown.
Sep 2023 · 833
Khoisan Sep 2023
People will have their opinions,
here we are miles apart,
living under moss
mowing another's grass,
a tumultuous blast.
stood up
living in the past.
Sep 2023 · 273
Opaque view - Haiku
Khoisan Sep 2023
Beautiful summer

The fog is gone smog lingers

we hang the washing
Khoisan Aug 2023
Get us in there wit

hurry Up - Dingo

the clouds are sagging
Aug 2023 · 112
A natural born
Khoisan Aug 2023
Happiness and laughter
love and sadness,
turn a heart inside out
choose a partner
or grab a pawn
a few things true
much more false
zion pulsed or hells pass
stay woke wake at dawn
vicissitude are such
a natural born.
Aug 2023 · 202
Haiku Queens.
Khoisan Aug 2023
Remember Donna
Zywa is right there at the top
HP Haiku Queens.
Aug 2023 · 205
Don't do unto others.
Khoisan Aug 2023
Surely in hell the devil will do
Jul 2023 · 459
The frontliners.
Khoisan Jul 2023
The fact remains
somebody had to go first
so that others may come back

Jul 2023 · 396
In love Loves Inn.
Khoisan Jul 2023
Some people say fools is a Rush-Inn
I haven't got a clue,
in between  Sunday's river
and Monday's blue
the place called
A rose in the moon
or maybe., A moth in the mirror
perhaps a firefly in bloom.
Love ain't easy
though occasionally,
awkwardly acute.
Jul 2023 · 662
First impressions.
Khoisan Jul 2023
Tomorrow is my birthday
I remember my parents
just as my life
with my kids and my wife,
very embracing,
Proverbs 22v6
Train up a child in the way he should go
and when he is old he will not depart from it.
Jul 2023 · 175
Khoisan Jul 2023
Love gathers momentum,
discourage evil
the slow brew of light over time,
your soul seeks one
just be patient with your mind
as it builds a spine,
shouldered on love
the heart crowns a captain
whom commands her/his eyes.
Jul 2023 · 279
True Art.
Khoisan Jul 2023
Everything else is apart
I wouldn't know if I hadn't
fallen in love
it is the true art
of the heart.
Jun 2023 · 304
Immaculate conception.
Jun 2023 · 215
Shangri-la - Senryu.
Khoisan Jun 2023
Freedom is estranged
a coin spinners paradise
The rich and famous
Khoisan Jun 2023
I can see cut throats  
writing with double edged swords
horror movies
The scriptwriter might not be Evil
But their imagination certainly lives for it.
Or as someone said
Evil conjures evil.
May 2023 · 294
Khoisan May 2023
Some things are best left un-addressed
said the priest to the professional
in the confessional.
May 2023 · 455
A silly little sad song.
Khoisan May 2023
So near yet so far
picked a rose
chose a star
now the distance between us
Venus from Mars.
May 2023 · 513
Khoisan May 2023
..Beyond the vail
....Faraway from the myst..
......Ignorance remain bliss.
May 2023 · 146
A fishtank over the ocean.
Khoisan May 2023
Swim like fish
test the shallows
go deep
if the water suits you
stay over
fall asleep.
#The ocean is vast and a fish tank are safe.
May 2023 · 384
Khoisan May 2023
If you said hello
to each with a smile, I say
I know these two actions
had made up a halo
around your expressions
Khoisan May 2023

in the Twilight Zone

froZen out of existence

Dreamcatchers don't  work
May 2023 · 188
Autumnal grace
Khoisan May 2023
Of autumn
there is not much to say
brown leaves fall
in healthy decay
white leaks on heads I say
embrace the old
salute the fall
rake the rust
dress for frost
and prepare the coals.
Khoisan May 2023
In a scribble
from a new world intelligence.

Come on dudes this is a personal invite
who-ever own the guru-rules out there
come clear make contact
let's boogie on Bach
eat together with Spock,
vegans are welcome too
no disecting
no probes
no props
only sunlight strobes
just the few of us
a humpback tv
Danny Glover, Aeon flux
and Spielberg,
indulged in mars bars and smoked-yeast,
if the kitchen heats up I'll offer you
oil Sheik in galaxian crude dip with
elongated Musk on fire and ice.
Exzoplanet dips for the refined while the EATH is burning.
May 2023 · 367
Insanely attractive.
Khoisan May 2023
A collage of tragedy
people with broken heads
I've never met
bones blood and cracks
pasted on a woven mat
effusive the unexplained
brutality unrestrained
social insanity above
hidden tapestry.
May 2023 · 190
Trend🔥ng - Senryu
Khoisan May 2023
Serial des🔥res

l🔥ve and w🔥r

Khoisan May 2023
for the sworn

for the queen

for the estate

above his fireplace

stone henge
of cobbled grace.
Queen Camilla of England
May 2023 · 280
?Ex? - Senryu.
Khoisan May 2023
Fighting with themselves
a demonic history
without a head
May 2023 · 357
All hail Dianna
Khoisan May 2023
the Queen
of Eiffel.

the King
a director of Pisa.

On coronation day.
May 2023 · 374
The narrow fight club.
Khoisan May 2023
With devil on broadway
and IT on broadband
remember the algorithm
is not your friend
fine tune these narratives
be vigilant and stay strong
Join the club
write a poem
fight the wrong
May 2023 · 651
Khoisan May 2023
The laurel around their head
is considered a halo
by fellows wearing dreads.
Apr 2023 · 237
The kissing booth.
Khoisan Apr 2023
From a news-paper of the past

seen in an old dusty garage

the lense took a GODLY take

of two birds kissing for day's

a picture of what could've been

LIFE on the front page.
Inspired by
Anne Murray's Song
Titled - A little good news.
Apr 2023 · 352
Khoisan Apr 2023
Smoke drumrolls dance,



a shaman's stance


to an historical prance.
Natives in a global circus.
Tourist attractions?
Apr 2023 · 1.2k
Fools gold - Tanka
Khoisan Apr 2023
In the quicker sand

deeper than I've ever been

slip sliding away

I still see the gravedigger's *****

6ft deep in the shallows
Apr 2023 · 399
soul Searching in the rain.
Khoisan Apr 2023
The tears on her face
brought me to my knees,
in a soul's search
can also purge
embrace and understand
and a man.
Without a doubt
kissed her moth
Apr 2023 · 335
Young ones.
Khoisan Apr 2023
Stay strong
.................... hide the emotion
ride the wave
.................... grid the grain

set the standard

engrave the edge.
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