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His Star.

I chased this evening
evening's fade in sunset clouds,
silver tin-foiled filigree
tied to grey-as-granite mountains.

Tinted skirts of hazy
daytime's late farewell lit night's
ballooning moon parade
displayed as fire on quiet shoreline.

Invasive scarlet-swathe
hued day's best forgotten noon
when darker stronghold's rain
rolled dust-cascades forming gloom.

Drifted with waning sky's
azure came memory's beams,
pain-shot their spotlighting
shadows still haunting my dreams.

Yet I chased tonight
night's demons away by love's
recall when I saw brighter
his star winking at me from above.
As night's grizzly crown falls
to the rite of light's way
its servant sun unlocks all
dawn's turreted gables,
azure disposes of shawls
and warmth augments the first rays
as day pierces prisms in dark vault.

But mist gathers to veil
heaven, shrouds my cottage walls
and shuts every windowpane
until grey covers morning
with shadowy swirls of dim change.

What happened to the tuned chorus
of promised blue I thought would stay ?
inverted purpose, a hurting version
verses for this urban exertion
first curse, the burdened dispersion
unworthy service of incursion

perverted circus, a working aversion
reversing their verbal coercion
the first thirst is the verse's assertion
immersed in an urgent excursion
I reposted this because i got a message saying that i don't write poetry. They said that poetry is all about metaphors and imagery. Well, for me it is about emotion, rhymes, and wordplay. Also, alliterations have been done over and over, but not inner alliteration. Here, i worked with the "er" sound.
I begged the stars and I begged the sea
To take the world away from me
I want to walk through starry shores
Cosmic beaches, ocean floors
I begged the land and I begged the sky
Lend me wings that I may fly
I begged the storms and I begged the stones
Give me lightning, give me a home
I begged the mountains and I begged the trees
Sing to me upon a sleepy breeze
I begged the roads and I begged the rain
Take me from my mortal pain

And so the goddess did oblige
For within the forest I now reside
I am the flowers I am the stream
I am the sun's bright morning gleam
I am the dark that eats all things
I am lonely wolfish scream
I am whom upon wind breaks
I am the threads that do create
I am life, and she is me
No mortal knows such harmony
 May 2016 Chris G Vaillancourt
Lately the wind sweeps and I hear your name
Our anthems shouting from their core
Lately the rain drops and I feel your footsteps
On our bed that we shared and cuddled
Lately the sun rays illuminate and I see your love
On my heart the rhythmic trumpets of our future
Lately my love I am so crazy to hold you
On my body, soul and mind to claim us on... On and on
Like a scared little doe
You coaxed me into the field to go
You feed me every single day
All your sweet loving words it was such an array
You had me believing
You would never be leaving
Then one day with loving words still on your lips
You pulled the arrow off your hip
Pulled back your bow
Let your arrow flow
Right into my heart
But that was just the start
I didn't die
You only wanted me to cry
With every heart beat
The more I bleed
I slowly go insane
Whilst all the blood drains
And my heart again will turn to stone
I will now forever live my life alone
For you again have showen me
True love is just a fantasy
But for now I'm still bleeding out
Now all I can do is shout
To the heavens, God your so cruel
I'll just lay here and watch my blood, my love pool
I no longer belive in God, see babe you even took that too
No more hope, no more faith, no more love, you took it all, I'M THROUGH!!
I would prefer your graceless presence.
Rather then suffer their false fragrance.
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