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john p green Oct 2021
Grey naked in sand.
Fears rear up again.
Second glance stand.
Eyes shuffle inside.
Free emotional landslide.
Can in dark be realized.
john p green Mar 2021
I dare not got about.
For a fright may follow me out.
The deepest door to abhor.
New blights cast net ashore.
john p green Feb 2021
The dark engines teased me they did.
Knew of past slips and crevacies
Started with taunts, long sorrowful sips.
Showed cemented souls in dank pits.
john p green Feb 2021
Deep horror does reflect.
A raw fear once existing.
Pray the veins in your neck.
Never swell in it persisting.
john p green Sep 2020
Man, don't get me down!
Many a years never around.
Call that showmanship dribble?
Or passing insults to nibble...
In prelude of plowing a frown.
john p green Jul 2020
It's neither right nor scorned,
It's finding your light to pour.
john p green May 2020
It took fragile miles drawn from wrong.
To erupt and lay claim.
Alignment painfully gone.
Grinding piled teeth along the way.
Around infected perimeters rim. Contenders bid humanity's stay.
Aloud, each crowd bewildered.
Will announce the lost each day.
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