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Khadijat Bello May 2023

Long before my existence
Man has lived in terror and harmony
He has learned to love as well as hate his colony
Humans have learned to fight for one another, and also each other

Human has learned to manage resources and also waste it
To love and hate is now a daily affair
He sometimes forgets his allies and be bally

Humanity is our felony I wonder what we ought to give
What's love without pain
What's religion without faith
And harmony without hate?

What is Humanity without its animosity
Existence without perishing
For we make up humanity
Yet we are vain and evil
Sometimes, too good for the sequel.
This is for the second day of May
Khadijat Bello May 2023

From birth, and its essence
To love and her gain
Death with its own pain
All these are the properties of Life

Earth and her soil
To Air and her wind
And the Water that we drink
The masterpiece of Fire.
All these and many others are the elements of life

Through time immemorial
From the ages of our forefathers
All these components have birthed Reproduction
For thousands of Generations
And now we call it Procreation

The beautiful essence of Nature
From which we got our first love
To the 9 planets and ours we call Earth
Starting with the air we breathe

Olorun Oba o! What a beautiful mastercraft
Magnanimous you are, for us is a place called Paradise.  
One which promises eternal bliss

Eledumare! Might is your name of the most high
Subhanallah! Your works are compared to none
For you alone created Life and Death.
From a plain world, beginning to end

Man comes and writes his own chapter
You provide them Food and Shelter
Cloth and water
Health and art craft
Wealth and comfort.

And these you have done for generations
As man keeps proving stubborn
Yet, the concept of Life is beyond our Imagination.
This took a while,  but here you go. Please comment.
Khadijat Bello Apr 2023
If I should tell you ‘Bout all that’s not gold,
I won’t be speaking of the dangles on my mother’s neck,
The stud on my sisters’ ear or the rock between her finger.

I rather walk you through society and how we paint it
How we lose sight of reality and view just the glam
How we concentrate on what’s flashy…
and how we don’t see cute to see the ugly, rather view the paint in Awe
and see the pain in ‘gust.
I will tell you how we channel our focus on the big weddings and lose the sight of the bigger picture.

So, if I’m to talk about all that glitters that is not gold, do know these:
I’d be telling you of the painful truth you chose to ignore,
The scandals that come with the big weddings,
The agony masked in smiles, the pain of each like button
How each comment burns like fire.
Would let you in on my mother’s secret,
How her dangles are not real, she also removes her spackling watch before the end of each occasion.
I’d tell you how my sister’s earrings fade daily and insomnia she gets from the rock on her finger.

I will tell you how reality is far from society, and leaves you to face the agony.
So, when you think about a sparkling gold, think about the last trend and those who end with it.
Think about earth and how we rotate with it,
Please think about reality.
How well do you like gold? How well do think about reality?  Because in the end, all that glitters is not gold.
Khadijat Bello Apr 2023
The street is swapped with bodies
Young, old and grey
A sea of strength and weakness
Soft, eager and fragile

These streets are filled with vehicles
3-wheels, cars and motorcycles
Vast need for speed with myriad speedometers
A different sense of focus, smothers!

Our focus is just to hustle
Be a cobbler, doctor or apostle
Variants of professions, you just have to shuffle
Not the best serenity, man just settles

We focus on vanity,
I wonder if we check deep within
The goal is to reach the top.
We often forget the master of the race herein

We lose our hearts to the matrix
Most times we even forget the margin
The apocalypse is yet to come
Yet we forget, it's most catastrophic

Have You looked within?
What are you yet to see
Is it the future you seek
Or deed incomplete?

Did you notice how much rest you need?
Or how anti-social you have been.
How much you seized to live though Alive
Have you noticed how badly you lost to Hustle?
How much do you hustle for? And what does it mean to you.  The end of the poem, is a question only you can answer.
Khadijat Bello Feb 2023
To the lady I have been...
Audacious Daring and Loving.
To the Fighter deep within.
my love through the moon and back.

My love! as you celebrate your Silver Jubilee be audacious, meticulous and spontaneous live life and let love lead.
Give your insecurities time to breathe. You are young and endearing, loving and goal getting.

Enjoy your youthful age, for my dear there is nothing you'd have done different. you're beautiful just the way you are.
Beautifully fascinating, endearing, ravishing and enchanting.

The best version of you is yet to come so live and learn through the process.
Trust God that things happen for a reason, and the best part of the journey is not the destination but the process.
To you my lovely self you are the most self-aware just don't get self-absorbed you are most loving yet dangerous. But if it comes down to a choice let love lead.

And if at a point you get to celebrate a golden jubilee, I pray you're surrounded with love as you must have loved, I pray you have cake even though they might be vendored or baked.
I also pray and you must have lived while you exist and give him back to those that had given and more so to those who haven't.

Dear future self I haven't met you yet, but I want you to be nice to this 25-year old me don't make me suffer too much.
My darling future self don't be much indecisive and don't be perfidy.
I implore you to be kind and love the best version of yourself. don't crack to the pressure, you don't always have to like the measures, but at then look at the end pleasure.
Just follow the process leave the moment it may be hard, but remember Blacks don't crack!

My Loving self remember I love you nothing beats that. you are loved by me and no you're not a pariah you'd have to get that out of your head.

To my ten-year-old self I now know better,
My 15 year-old rebel, I guarantee you I think deeper.
To the 20 I now see clearly and to you my 25. Darling please be nice and make sure that my 30 we'll get it right.
Happy birthday Khadijat Bello may Allah bless you
Khadijat Bello Jan 2023
What is poetry
Is that even a question
Marvellous words design in lines
Transform into verses
It gave birth to sonnet
It comes in lyric
Of beautiful rhyme
Serving as rhythm in melody

Poetry, as old as man
Formed  from the Mediaeval times
Down Neoclassical
My dear, it's Romance
Coming from Elizabethan era
Formed a modern movement
Something so beautiful
Beautiful to a fault, it's called poetry

Ask my fathers what poetry means.
To Thomas Watts it's a way of love
Butter Yaests  paths way for activism
Grace gives strength to recommendation
Ojiade fights corruption
Pope graces  Cesar
Osadibe makes appeal
And it a way of life in lines

What is poetry, you ask?
It is a way of redemption
Scribbled down, it's description
A map of direction
Given as recommendation
To a vast way of calculation

Ask a chemist, and he says what on earth is not chemistry
A physician says life is based on assumption
Psychology say man is nature
ichthyologists sees the beautiful aquaculture
A teacher sees the best methodology
Historian gives tells great mythology
Which gives ride to sociology
Yet poetry is nature.  

What is your thoughts about poetry? Well this is what i think.
Khadijat Bello Jan 2023
To that intentional person i know
The delicate sun flower hidden behind the thick forest
In a wood of carcass
Cheers to your true intentions
For seeing beyond the shores...
I know to you, its more than just words
Every uttrance has an ulterior motive

You suffered betrayal at a young age,
Now you're gobsmacked by the first act of kindness
Life is never fair you believe

My dear! Its time!
Time to stop your insecurities from driving
For you're firece and pre-determined
Indeed life is short, so live it
Live while you still exist, and exist while you still live
Take those risks, for they just might be your big win

Your help lies outside the four walls of your home.
You need to seek it!
Valour are not just a word of vigor,
You need to act it!
Live to learn and learn to live
To survive, you have to strive. So let that sink!
The accolades comes when you get to the top
Be the cheerleader of your little wins
For nothing tops little sgin that show your work in progress. You need to believe it.
And try to win, before life wins
For in the end, it still does.

Note to first, me. Then every other person out there. There is more to live, as much as there is nothing in it.
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