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Alia Feb 2016
Trust was a must
For us to last

For us to never break
For us to never fall apart

But when its lost
Its never back again

For us to return
For us to burn the past

Trust was a must
For us to last
Alia Feb 2016
He said: I'll never leave you alone.
And here I am marching on my own.

He said: I'll love you even more.
And here's my heart broken and torn.

He said: You're mine and I'm only yours.
But he's with her, he slammed all my doors.
Alia Feb 2016
Tissues aren't soft like her hands
Pillows weren't comfortable like her laps*
She's there awake for you
She's there living for you
She's the one who'd always carry you
*She's your mom, she's never leaving you.
Alia Feb 2016
Lets say we never met,
And you weren't here and I've never been trapped in that net.

Lets say we weren't meant
For us to stay attached, for us to never bend.

Lets say you never promised me,
For me to wait and then you'd disappoint me.

Lets say you never loved,
It was only you the one loved.

Lets say the truth for once,
For us to get over our loss.
Alia Feb 2016
You're the morning sky, and I'm the star,
Once the sun comes and shines you bright,
You'll forget about me shining at night.

Unlike me I'm the star,
I'm still there, even when you've got the sun,
I'd wait in place, I know you'd need me one day.

And by that one day I meant the night,
The sun leaves and I'm your only light.
#night #star #light #morning #sun #know #shines
Alia Jan 2016
Friendship was the ship,
That took us both on a trip,
Like the birds we were, we only knew how to chirp,
Friendship was the ship.
Alia Jan 2016
For every scar I've tried to hide,
For every feeling I couldn't express,
I needed a hand that holds me tight,
I needed a hug which takes the stress.
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