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  Mar 2017 Kimiko
Kenny Whiting
Some people think you're not just right,
   no perfect match for me;
Yet they don't know what I've found out,
    how awesome love can be.

I've  come to see what happy is,
   one moment by your side;
Since you've became my "Bonnie" now,
   and I've became your "Clyde".

It's more than just a simple bond,
   we make the best of teams;
The kind that most can only find,
   in hopeful wish and dreams!

I wish those people once could feel,
    how real true love can be;
To see the truth what your love means,
   and all you are to me!

The way it feels to hold you close,
   to fit just like a glove;
It's not so hard to see it now,
   no wonder I'm in love!
No one on this earth can see in your heart, feel what you feel, or enjoy the true happiness that you enjoy on a daily basis when you find that special person God created just for you! Revel in the beauty of it, embrace it, and give that special someone what they deserve....ALL OF YOU!!
Kimiko Mar 2017
I’ve learned how to bike
Learned how to write
And I also learned how to cook
Where are you?

I’ve mastered drawing
I’ve finished high school
I’ve been practicing music
Where are you?

I’ve got into college
Lots of friends, lots of enemies
One even became my boyfriend
Where are you?

I worked double shift
My grades are failing
And my boyfriend cheated on me
Where are you?

I’m now alone
Thinking in this dark room,
Filled with doubt and fear,
Still wondering
Where are you?

I just want you to know
This three word question
Only means one thing

I wish you were here.
How come you never looked back?
Kimiko Dec 2016
too painful

I'm sorry
I can
this much

fed up
because of you



Just leave me alone
You used to be my hero.
  Dec 2016 Kimiko
Kenny Whiting
So let me tell you about My God,
   one moment you will see;
Why He's the One I serve on earth,
   He means so much to me!

'Twas just a Baby sent to us,
   from Heavenly Father above;
Came here as just a mortal man,
   to teach us 'bout true love!

You see He made His mark on earth,
   and yes, He walked on waves;
I know He broke the Devil's spell,
   freed all who've been enslaved!

At times He made the lame to walk,
   or made the blind to see;
Then showed us all about real love,
   He died for you and me!

Not once a story's e'er been told,
   about a Greater Man;
Who's done the things none else have done,
   just following Master's plan!
Don't ask questions, just follow His lead and see the blessings mount!
  Dec 2016 Kimiko
Kenny Whiting
I tell you now, in all my life,
   not once I ever knew;
That love could bring such peace of mind,
   'til moment I found you!

Oh sure I dreamed that one day soon,
   I'd find that special girl;
But never dreamed I'd meet someone,
   who'd change my whole wide world!

You've more than made me happy now,
   you've softened this 'ole heart;
You may not know how much til now,
   on me you've left your mark!

You've turned my clouds to sunny days,
   my winter into spring;
Gave strength in times I'd fallen weak,
   breathed wind beneath my wings!

So when times comes, He calls me Home,
   or die before I wake;
I'll wait for you so patiently,
   right there at Heaven's Gate!
Kimiko Dec 2016
On that day, you were with me
under the universe's eye and the moon's light;
You held my hand as you stare through my eyes
humming a sweet song for our hearts to jive;
Under a gazebo with stary lights on the trees,
bringing me warmth and comfort everywhere I see;
You said every inch of me is beautiful. that
I should never change who I am;
Then softly you touched my cheek and kissed me
so gentle yet so passionate;
A tear escaped from my eyes as you confess your love,
for I don't know why out of all people, you picked me;
Yet all I felt at that moment is that I love you too,
Your the only person that can make my heart
beat so fast yet so slow, at the same time;
Many people hate me for you, yet you
leave them all just to be with me;
Then suddenly you kneel on one knee
and ask me to be your wife;
all kinds of emotion overwhelmed my heart
With uncontrollable tears I replied...

... Forever babe...
Until that day we meet, I will keep my promise.
  Nov 2016 Kimiko
Sometimes the rain falls
as if its penning poetry
to the rhythm of its own music;
a sonic tune of liquid tapestry.

Cleft from a sky immersed
in the scene of a tragedy.
It's tears,
the pitter-patter;
a solemn dance
for all humanity.

An ancient jig this fluid frolic
never tiring of its endless cycle
vesting and revisiting this terra firma
like a lover emasculating the earth
of its desert state,
or adding to its oceans
in a bid to be free.

But you’re here again, I’ve noticed
for even through windows
your music plays a clamorous
and rather brazen beat.

Take my hand, why don’t you?


Dance with me.

**© Qwey.ku
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