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Ayesha Feb 2020
Oh Hello Poetry!!
I've missed you dearly.
So glad there's a place where feelings can be expressed.
Where days are dark, write down your work of art.
Where days a blue, write down your favourite spark.
Where days are narrow, write down all your sarrows.
Gotta love Hello Poetry.
  Sep 2018 Ayesha
Paylei Rose
When you step your feet on
The dance floor
Do you wish for more?
Maybe you know how to move
Maybe there's something to prove
But once you walk-on

You begin to lose your sense
As music takes control
You start to dance with your soul
Your feet move without you
You just have to makedo
While the room becomes tense

You dance your last dance
As you start to look up
You feel yourself burning up
It's finally all over
Maybe there will be some closure
For this was a first glance

Into your dream of dance
  Sep 2018 Ayesha
Amanda Kay Burke
What are you running away from?
Some secret buried deep?
You doubt your talent and abilities,
Dreams you don't bother to keep.

Can't face answers to questions,
You resort to the place in your mind,
Where life is always happy and good,
A fantasy you repeat and rewind.

You were not born a deceiver,
Tragedy has made you that way,
After years suffering alone,
Learned to hide demons away.

Now they follow everywhere,
Eyes dizzy from keeping track,
Bullet holes in your beauty,
In your heart, on your back.

Waking up though we don't want to,
Walls mock what you have become,
Inside prison you chose to inhabit,
What are you running away from?
Too many people go through life running from something that isn't chasing them
Ayesha Sep 2018
Mom… I still can’t believe that you’re gone. As I sit in my office chair and stare.. I can’t even express my pain, I don’t even know where to begin. Everything feels so within – yes I know it was your time to spread your wings and fly; but yet at night I lay in bed and I cry & I find it so hard to breath, wishing I could stand up tall through this all.

This world is just not enough, I still feel so empty and lost… Your presence is no longer by myside – all I feel is summer wind blowing through my life.

I can still picture the day you left me & the sound of your last breath – a day that will forever live within me. You left so peaceful, I can still feel the smoothness of your fingertips.. Oh Mom… I can feel your last kisses.
As I walk, everywhere I go I still talk to you when I’m walking in the road. I might look like a fool but I know you up there listening to every word I say without a stutter in my mutter.

There is so much more that I’m longing to say but I think I’m going to leave that for another day. With tears in my eyes I long for you my darling Mother that was always by my side.

My darling Mother❤️
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