brandon cory nagley


Shalt either bring thou a reward in the end
Or a curse....

Depends on what thou art longsuffering for!!!

Raphael Uzor
Raphael Uzor
Apr 7, 2014

Jesus never complained
Should we?


Complaining has never solved a problem, it only compounds!

Amain I want to maneuver
Onward into her incandescent
Cloak, as the igneous smoke
That arises. Mine eye's art
Tired and crying; as I just
Want one fragment of her
Skin to feeleth. O' as a man
For I'm weak, as an extra-
mundane being mine thought's
Come out faster then mine
Word's canst speak. I wilt
Continueth not in the flesh,
For the flesh burdeneth the
Soul; though in patience
And spirit, ourn long-
Suffering shalt be made
As the finest of gold. O'
Loveliest Jane, thought
Of mine thinking's, red
In mine brain, How the
Day's and night's art
Long, though I wilt
Still continueth in
Prayer, hymns
Song. Giving
Glory for what
I do hath. In happy or
Sad, good and bad; I'll always look ahead.
To the morrow wherein mine frown wilt be laughter and the roses I shalt giveth thee wilt be of rose loving scent. O' soon mine tear's shalt be dried, and mine phantom wilt no longer be in rent.
As I giveth gratitude to ourn Potter who maketh all thing's new,
Who bringeth water, with droplet dew, who maketh bird's hath nest's, and babies hath homes, in places of peacefulness. O' if the morrow doth for some reason not arrive; I'll send thee an engravement on mount Malindang, With the ring that never
Made it to thee; and mine kisses to spell thy name.

©Brandon Nagley
©Lonesome poet's poetry
©Earl Jane Nagley dedicated ( pookie dedication)

Amain- at full speed.
Canst- can..
Long-suffering- having or showing patience in spite of troubles, especially those caused by other people.
Rent-a large tear in a piece of fabric...
Wilt- will...
Morrow- tommorrow- next day....
Wherein- in which...
Love is longsuffering
Blessings Mhura
Sep 28, 2013

Love is unpredictable
Love is uncontainable
Love is reliable
Love is weak
Love is sick
Love is strong
Love is longsuffering
Love is caring
Love is enduring

Longsuffering, the Spirit's patience;
Michael S Davis
Michael S Davis
Apr 10, 2013

The way of the Spirit is...

Love, the Spirit's essence;
Joy, the Spirit's song;
Peace, the Spirit's rest;
Longsuffering, the Spirit's patience;
Gentleness, the Spirit's touch;
Goodness, the Spirit's manner;
Faith, the Spirit's attitude;
Meekness, the Spirit's strength;
Temperance, the Spirit's control.

©1981 Michael S. Davis
A Commentary on Galatians 5:22-23

So much longsuffering.
Elonge Martin
Elonge Martin
Oct 15, 2013

Never runs out of flour;
Never runs dry of oil.
Is full of comfort;
Is filled with loving kindness.
So much patience,
So much longsuffering.
It’s boundless and loose like the Ocean;
It’s bounteous as nature.
Raining on all; even the naughty,
Raining similes, a 1000 words,
Shines on the dark heart,
Shines on the weary and hurt.
Bending to the hurt of all,
Bending for the curse of all.
Mothers Purse
My delight.

the longsuffering trees,
Mar 21, 2012

with a soft touch and a blushing smile,
vibrant green creeps into the landscape.
the longsuffering trees,
whose limbs have long been heavy with snow,
finally stretch their arms into the warm air
as suggestive buds speckle their gnarled fingers.
the clouds swell with life, and the sun
glows stronger than ever before.
as their spidery roots drink voraciously
from the moist dirt, smirking daisies and
blooming tulips unfurl their alluring petals
and bask in the glorious yellow light.
the firm, unyielding ground is teeming
and bustling with a myriad of fauna,
unsteadily rubbing the remnants of slumber
from their bleary, squinting eyes.
the flat, chilly silence of winter
has been quelled by the lilting robin’s song.
and as the very earth herself wakens
from this melancholy hibernation,
i let go, and float down that euphoric wave called life.

to be longsuffering
John Russell
John Russell
Oct 9, 2013

No lightly cawing jest now
but bird wheezle
from the filthy flying rags
of malcontent
of discontent
darkened further by the lies

Spreading their fetid steaming rage
Across the hills
Across the dales

and down in the valley,
valley so low –
where the mocows cringe,
“Bright shining as the sun.”

“When we push this button we could blow up the world,”
one said.

But they pushed anyway
And pushed and pushed again
And they found Nature
to be longsuffering
but ignored her cries to “Stop!”

and Ignorant in their glee
they did not perceive their ends...
No Taps:  only wind; then, silence.

Copyright © 2013 by John Russell; all rights reserved.  No reproduction allowed in any manner whatsoever without permission.

Alyanne Cooper
Alyanne Cooper
Aug 20, 2015

It goes down like
The ice-cold tendrils of hell's deepest level
Are clawing at the slick walls
Of my tight throat.
A stone the weight of a mammoth
Settles in the pit of my stomach.
And the edges of my vision
Darken until it's just a pinprick.
Hands trembling.
Heart hammering.
Legs unsteady and ready
To collapse and fail me.
It's coming and I can't stop it.
I can never stop it.
All I can do is endure.

How many more things
Must I longsuffer?
How many more times
Can my heart break
Before the putting back together
Is worth far less than
The staying broken?
I don't know how much more
I have in me to just breathe again.
This pain, this migraine,
Is just the symptom of
Something more

#pain   #migraine  
We would be longsuffering without temperance.
jeffrey conyers
jeffrey conyers
Apr 3, 2014

Too many people in the world to let hate exist.
Just too many.
Don't matter the religious differences.
Which seem to be the center of conflicts.

Too many people in the world to let hate rule.
Just to many.
Don't matter what the politicians tells you?

Many kicks the poor.
Except scriptures states, they shall inherited the world.
And when you look around, they keep the world rotating.
If I'm not mistaken.
They are vital to the work force.

Rich just visit country clubs.
And speaks of profits and boast about their donation.
Without mentioning the tax write off.

Too many people in the world for love not to be pushed.
It's born first in all of us.
And is a strong force that many can't comprehend.
That without it.
We would be longsuffering without temperance.

Too many people in the world to not make our representatives do right.
If we just quit concentrating on things black or white.

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