My faith has been like waves on the ocean surface
Rising and falling in the storms of this caustic life

I've let my trust in the Almighty falter
I've let all my hope fall into despair
The cares of this life gnash at me
Searing my soul with burns
But my Abba holds me
He doesn't let go

Been a long time since I've added to this series...
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People say that I'm a good poet, that the poetry I write is beautiful... Really the best poems are never read because I never write them.
Sometimes you can see a glimpse of them in the way I kiss.
Sometimes you can see a glimpse of them in the way I cry.
But they're never going to be put onto paper with a pen.
My love and my pain are truly too great for words.

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You are the one I'm talking about,
   When my words aren't there anymore.
Where the memories are bound to my heart,
   You gave my heart reasons to live.

My dear friend, I am only a skeleton,
   Stripped to bones by life's winds.
If you could feel my emptiness, death,
   So long ago, I was alive with you.

The raindrops fall in this desert,
   How I fell for you.
Reminders, remains, tell me all your secrets,
   Where is your heart, love?

The force behind my words, the reasons I write,
   Every letter a drop of our blood.
Sand falls out my mouth, you move on,
   But did you know you were the one?

I have no heart left anymore. Just a bruised piece of flesh...
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Though I have lost you from my life,
  You dwell forever in my heart;
Scars borne from being torn away,
  I shall wear as a badge of honor;
An unjust separation, too quick and harsh,
  Cut to my core, separated heart from flesh.

You were so much more than friendship and lust;
  You were true love, true love, oh you are true love!
You are my friend, you dwell in my thoughts;
  You are my love, you dwell in my heart.

I will endure for you these hardships.

Love torn away is far worse than love unrequited. I have suffered both in my lifetime.
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The bitter taste of losing you
   I'd rather lose everyone else
I miss you every day
   Think of you every day
Please come back to me
   Please come home

Yes, I love you...

Just another suicidal night
Everything comes crashing in
Over and over and over in my head
While my prayers bounce off the ceiling
While my tears fall mute on deafness

So I suffocate slowly suffering
Razors across my eyes
Filled with blood
Voices killing
All alone

I can see it now
Just over the horizon
Glorious meadows

Inspired by my recent trip to visit my grandmother in rural Washington.

How my heart grasps for you, your thunderous breeze across the swept up pieces of my broken, maligned heart.

I do not want to write mere words to you, or scrape up mere feelings for you. Those belong on the surface.
I want to dig deep into myself and express the surrender I have for you

I've been here before, you know I have. And I left her stars in my poems but ultimately I did leave her; and you became my star. My sparkle of gold in the dark chasms of my being.
You are not lost to me.

I've been here before and I'm willing to stand here again, fight here again, endure here again because of who you are to me! We are not flimsy straw and fickle mist. We are steel and flame together. Sharp and burning.

My soul cries out for you, yet do not dwell on my miseries because you are not lost to me. You are not lost. Every tender kiss on your forehead, every night I hold you let's me keep fighting on for the day our hands interlock again.

Close your eyes and feel beyond the surface.
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Where art thou?
To be torn apart such as we
I am hurting for you
You are hurting for me

A winter's stormy day
Called out for you in the night
The wolves surrounded us
You have gone missing

My Lioness so fierce and bold
Bleeding out on the broken cold
I lie beside you, feel frail and old
Hold my hand I swear I won't give up!

Missing someone I love...

Hey guys. I know its been a while, and Im sorry. I dont really have an exuse for why i barely write anymore, i guess i was just always thinking negative and got tired. But hey,its a new year,
for me atleast. I will do my best to please everyone who thinks least of me with my writing skills and if not then oh well its your opinion nothing to cry over.

I mean i guess things have been happening in my life,nothing
important though, nothing to feel alive for, im just living. And its sad that i have nothing to make my life interesting, I mean yeah im entertained everynow and then but I cant say it lasts. I cant say Im bored with life....well basically thats what im saying,its just bland,a straight line,
crackers without salt,soda without fizz,a rollercoaster without that one guy in the back puking, what im saying is its bland! Im just living my life withouttrying to anything worth while and its left me confused and bored,And this constant rutien [i know i spelled that wrong] has made me stop writing and just see blindly.I dont know if theres a word for how I was,
I dont know if on exists.
But,like I typed,Its a new year.
I have a chance to wipe away some old things and sort out new ones,for me I'd describe it like putting stuff in storage, you dont throw away your problems you just put them in a box and worry about the new things to pack away until you unpack the box and lift them up the stairs.
Or something. I dont know im bad with words. Anyways i hope you guys have a good year,
and if you ever screw up,
atleast acknowledge your mistakes. See yah guys,

so i kinda ranted here
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