Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
17 minutes ago

I know guys aren't exactly your thing and I understand why.
I mean, in case you didn't notice, girls are really attractive!
So that leaves us in an awkward position, so let me explain
all the details in my heart to show you this will work.

You see I love you just the way you are. I love you just as you love girls.
I'm not going to try and change you, because then you wouldn't be you. I want to see you grow as you are, not how you "should."

I want to be close to your heart and make you feel secure.
To hold your soul just when our eyes lock.
It's okay for you to be with other girls, I don't care.
Maybe one night we'll spark and make love
and I hope you won't care that I'm a guy
who lacks the curves you love to hold.

I hope you understand your sexuality doesn't mean I love you any less.
I just want

I'm willing to sacrifice for love when I know it's real... just so you know...

I don't have a lesbian girlfriend, but I've dedicated this poem to her anyway. :)
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Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
17 hours ago

I don't know how to keep going on
I can't open up to anybody
They can get into some rooms
but I lock up parts of me
Isolated and dusty
I'm an island sinking into the depths
Of my sin, of my despair

I used to have a lot of friends
Now so very few are left
I hurt most of them right in the heart
I never intended to harm them
Haha, look at all the I's I have in this poem
Just so self-centered...

I never meant you any harm
Family matters the most to me
Then why do I take you for granted?

I'm sorry, I'm saying I'm sorry a lot lately
The weight of what I've lost is crushing me
Irony of something you don't have killing you
Hey, that's just how I'm going to die...

Not really sure what direction I'm supposed to be going with this. I'm just hurting. Hating myself. Feeling totally alone because I don't know how to have friends anymore...
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Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
1 day ago

I'm so sorry I lost you
  I never meant to lose you
   I love you beyond measure
    Why haven't you come back?
I saw you from afar
  I didn't know if I should say
   Hello.... hello...
I'm so sorry...
please come back

I never knew how bad love could hurt until I lost someone who loved me back......... fuck
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Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
4 days ago

I am very unwell
My body wretches
Heart palpitates &
I am very unwell
A sickly soul within
Darkness got a hold
Won't let me go &
I am very unwell
My skin creeps
My bones creak
My voice croaks &
I am very unwell

Feels like I'm dying everyday anymore.
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Jack Jenkins
Jack Jenkins
7 days ago

some days we shine bright
some days we're not right
i've given you my heart
let's make another start
missing you has never been

i know there's fear here
but i will always be near
in my arms you won't fall
we will always stand tall
missing you has never been

you were ripped away
& i can't just magically
be okay with that

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boy meets girl
girl meets boy

boy falls in love
girl doesn't know

boy tells girl
girl gets scared

boy is always there
girl just doesn't care

boy gets wounded, starts shutting her out
girl wants to be close, gets hurt by the wall

boy suffers guilt from hurting her
girl suffers guilt from hurting him

boy can't stop loving her
she can't stop being afraid

round and round they go
in circles they orbit

boy wants to let her go but can't
girl just wants to find real love

boy ends it all because love just hurt too much
girl finally opened her eyes and saw love was always there for her

too late

Happy Monday everyone... sorry to depress the mood so quickly...
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I'm sorry that I look away every time I catch your glance
But I got hurt so badly the last time I took a chance
I know it sounds cliche but I can't fall into your trance
I can't allow myself to be anything more than an acquaintance

But you're so beautiful
So beautiful
And if I wasn't so fucked I probably could love you
If you wanted me to
You're so beautiful

And love at first sight might not be love at all
I know you have my number, but you probably won't call
The anticipation's enough to make my flesh crawl
I've never felt so tiny, no I've never felt so small

But you're so beautiful
So beautiful
And if you weren't across the room I could probably love you
If you wanted me to
Because you're so beautiful

And I love you
Yes I love you
Your eyes are kind and large
I have to fight the urge
To walk over
I won't walk over

-E (c) 2017

This is for J.M., written on 3/18/17, after a concert at The Jungle.
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it's time to
get lost in the moment
let whatever falls fall
don't worry about
picking up the pieces

get lost in the moment &
take every day away
take the past away
& get lost in the moment
here & now just you and I

forget what's broken &
what never will be
what never has been
will always be now
love & get
lost in the

#love   #poem   #poetry   #lost   #in   #moment   #jack   #jenkins  

Lately I've been struggling to look Up
My faith is fracturing, not reflecting
I know God is just sharpening me up
To be the warrior that He's called me to be
In order to do that He's inflicting the pain
But I'm trying to handle it in a fleshly way

I'm trying to say I'm sorry for getting so consumed
By all this hurt that I don't know how to let go of
I'd rather hang onto it and then blame You
Take it out of Your hands and lose my way
Lord I don't know what to do anymore
I'm angry at You for all the things I do
I'm so sorry, I never meant to become this way
I hate the fact You died so I couldn't condemn myself

God, please don't ever take away the anger I have
I just pray You show me how to redirect it away from You and myself
I pray you don't take my pain away, but allow me to endure it
Give me the strength to crucify myself and the demons in my head
Please let me trust in You again, because I know there's no other than You.

#poem   #poetry   #faith   #lost   #jack   #jenkins   #astray  

Before you get in bed with me, there's a few things you need to know.

I'm a lot more than just a warm body you lay with, I promise.
Don't get me wrong, I love a woman's curves as much as the next man; but I know it's not the thing that matters.

I'm good at what I do when we get between those sheets, but I'm not going to just run there to get laid. I'll take you to a world of ecstasy and pleasure you may not have ever had before, but I don't get there so easily anymore.

I'm really a sensitive guy who's heart has multiple scars on every wall. See, I've been in love. I mean real love; the kind of love that should be made into a chick flick because it's so unrealistic but it actually happened to me. And it happened to me twice. And I lost them both.

So I have a lot of trust issues, and a lot of pain - really I'm terrified of being hurt again. I'm so tired of being hurt. And I know you want to take my pain away, but if you're just going to use my body then that will hurt.

I don't really care about the orgasms anymore. I care about what's going on in your heart, I lust for the emotional intimacy and security and vulnerability that comes when we take off more than just our clothes. Cuz I want to be close.

So take that all in, I'm an open book. I won't hurt you, please don't just leave. If you're okay with something more than just flesh, then let's give us each other until morning light.

Not based on something that;s happened. Just a reflection on how I've changed from the flirty boy whoring myself for a thrill to a wounded man just looking to somehow heal.
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