use God knows my face can't grow a damn moustache.
Jan 30, 2014

I gave my dick a soulpatch
Because God knows my face can't grow a damn moustache.
Look Mom, I shaved against the grain;
I can't believe it's baby smooth all over again.

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Curt A Rivard Sr
Curt A Rivard Sr
Dec 24, 2012

It was a hot summer day and freshly hatched flies
darkened your massive window bay.
Inside your decaying bloated carcass
millions of larvae are eating your flesh
they are eating you slowly away.
Your room had such a rancid stench
The New London Day gave it away
how long you laid all alone on the floor
four days old it was on your piano bench
out your body bag I saw a single fly take flight
in the embalming room that only leads to a big fight.
Rule is, turn out all the lights and open the door
Because they will then take to the air and bother you no more.
For a perfect viewing you must be purged of your infestation.
Step One, hook your nostril to a rubber hose,
Step Two, turn up the pressure so the water flows,
Step Three, push on your chest to break up there home, I call it their nest,
Step Four, Watch them all swim for their life as they exit out the other side of your nose.
I have a fetish for death I need to touch with my bare hand
slowly combing your hair with my fingers strand by strand.
I take out my Sterling Silver Mirror and then place it upon your frigged lips
and then I have to then put on a plastic frown when I see no BREATH!!!!

the pencil thin moustache men
mark john junor
mark john junor
Sep 22, 2014

her rigorous objections
are herded slowly down the sheep trail
by studious pencil thin men with stylish mustache's
who have deep pocket pickers for friends
they gather round the weak willed and the willing alike
looking for cheap thrills and spare change
everybody needs a new road
when the old one seems to never end

but she with eyes cast down
mumbles her unappeased desires
as she shuffles a little closer to the truth as she sees it
she has it all written out in secret languages
she has books filled with life's coded thoughts as she see's them
barn burners and dare devils grace the cover of her latest creation
self titled to her own romantic name
she is stylized in her own way
so she adores the pencil thin men
with their dashing devil may care good looks

i wrote her a letter yesterday
full of stories from the great highway
full of chipper go getters and the glum go gotten
she is a forever stone on a necklace
she is a moonstone on a bracelet
she is graceful when it counts and
thats more than enough for me

the pencil thin moustache men
come to conquer the all night diners
in the small shoreline towns
but slink away in dawns first light
with stolen smiles and borrowed kisses
that they promise profusely to return tomorrow
but never do
such is the romantic night by her side
such is the wonder-wheel days of our
journey on the great highway

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My beard and moustache,
Bill Hughes

My beard and moustache,
Hiding a ton of ugly,
Will ever remain.

Inspired by a self-deprecating and humorous perusal of my profile pic.
A face only a mother could love . . . after a few stiff drinks!
My moustache it tells me you did it. Don't argue.
Dreams of Sepia

My moustache it tells me you did it. Don't argue.

gray moustache mingling
Kitty Parson
Kitty Parson
May 23, 2013

Under a receding hairline
His blue eyes charm me
gazing up to meet mine
gray moustache mingling
with my silver pubic hair.

my moustache
Terry Collett
Terry Collett
Apr 11, 2014


that small area
of your naked

my lips

just touching,

your skin warm,

my moustache

you to laughter,
settled you

to ease
for sex after.

of my face. her blonde peach fuzz mini moustache tilts left and kisses false worry, char
May 20, 2013      May 20, 2013

glasses 'you look beautiful'
her teeth are a little yellow, she
brushes in the morning. somehow
they're still a Colgate white. she mouths
Iluvu eyes squint quiet smile arches it's
spine and finger caresses the barely stubble of my face. her blonde peach fuzz mini moustache tilts left and kisses false worry, charisma. she takes
it as insult when I read line about peach
fuzz moustache. obligatory insult shes a
woman, women don't have moustaches
she stretches like a resting cat and
returns to thought as my suicide
hangover crunches into a headache of
blind relief


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