I'm as cold as Alaska, Can't seem to warm up like Texas , If I go to Las Vegas I would lose and go to Kansas !

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mercy party
mercy party
2 days ago

saw your ghost in the steam rising from the parking lot
it must have gotten pretty bad for you to go
moving day came too late, summer is gone forever
a photograph of a wedding day that never happened
you find yourself in something so deep that you can't run away
and it's not far enough from Texas to Maine.

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Temporal Fugue
Temporal Fugue
Dec 29, 2016

The seasons come and go
the earth and sky remain the same
Becoming either hot, or cold
Summer's heat, or cold, as Winter's bane

The Fall never meets the Spring
forever shall this reign
as to Summer, Winter never sings
no crossing of domains

Winter clamors at Fall's door
ice and snow, now rule
happening many times before
as Spring calls Winter, fool

Yup, it's hot or cold, no tweeners! :D
We've had swings of 40 degrees in a day.
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Elin Mellbergstedt
Elin Mellbergstedt
Dec 10, 2016

Skyscrapers and green fields
The opposite of what I had pictured it to be
No dry grass or cactuses
But suddenly a tornado struck Dallas
And we were stuck at the hotel
We were like "oh well!"
No complains, just smiles
Didn't tip the valet guys
Sorry fellas, we're not used to your system yet
The next time we won't forget!
Stopped at Dairy Queen for a banana split
It's too late anyway to try to stay fit
They played the Banjo song from Deliverance
and some gentlemen with Cowboy hats started to dance
Finally I got to see the stereotypes
in the land with the stars and stripes
We missed our turkey but saw some coyotes instead
On every road armadillos lay dead
Waved good bye at the border of New Mexico
Hated to see us leave but loved to watch us go

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Keda Kanye
Keda Kanye
Dec 3, 2016

The songs he wrote were syrupy
The way his fingers moved across his bass
Like he was swimming
Through thick. Thick. Water
The kind you find
In colder parts of the world

The words he spoke were syrupy
The way he let his tongue roll deep inside his throat
The way he mixed laughter into every syllable
The way he’d duck his head with embarrassment

I told him once that I’d like a goat
And the way I touch him
Well it sometimes feels like harassment
It’s just that he’s so
And the way that he moves when he’s trying
To express
his pent up joy
Is syrupy  

I told him that I'd like to have a farm
Live without waste
Love as if I were blind
To the darkness we all harbor
But I'm lying
And he knows I'm lying
I'm not tired enough yet

To cultivate peace

I would sometimes stay awake just to hear his laughter
You could say his whole life was syrupy
The way he let things pass
By him
with no intention of grabbing hold
Of Opportunity

And I'd like to think that he and I
Are similar in most respects
And it seems as if I care for everyone
And that all I want is joy for all
And it seems that he cares for the little things
And that he cares for me
But we both know
That neither of us care
About much

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Alan S Bailey
Alan S Bailey
Nov 4, 2016

I am afraid of strange sexual relationships...
So I live in the bay area, San Francisco no less!
I am sick and tired of people who aren't tough...
So I live in a liberal community as instead of
Somewhere known for being macho-like Texas.
I am in the mood for a lifestyle that is Christian...
So for some reason I live with primarily Muslim instead.

Anyone seeing a pattern here...?

Oct 26, 2016

The mariachi band
Is playing dizzyingly
Next to our table
The guitarists
Hair wetly slicked

"We live off of
Tips sir,
Will help.
Now, something
Romantic for
Your woman"

When they are
Finished their frantic
I had him a
Folded 5

They dash off
To the next

I slug a pounder
The beer inside is
Warm and the water
That runs through
The city is the
Same color as the
Water in Disney
Dyed that sickly
Turquoise grey

Tour boats cut
Small waves that
Lap the sidewalks
And the fat tourists
Feed tortilla chips to
Swarming clouds
Of small brown

Another warm
Swallow of beer
And the sunglasses
Perched in my
Greasy hair

Who needs a
Fucking job
Give me warm
Beer and sickly
Fake water and
A table with her

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December's Sun
December's Sun
Aug 1, 2016

A bullet left in the magazine
Just let me know who hurt you
As badly as you hurt me.

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On a business trip from Denver to Dallas,
I had to stop in Amarillo to fill my tank with gas.
The Gas Station attendant was much more polite than usual.
After he filled my tank, he asked me,
"Sir, would you like to make a contribution to the DAESH?"
I thought, surely, I had misheard him.
He must have said the "March of Dimes"
Or something like that so  I asked,
"Excuse me?"
This Gas Station attendant remained extremely polite.
"Sir, we're collecting contributions for the DAESH."
"You know?"
"The Terrorist Organization that wants to Wipe Out Humanity?"
"You don't have to give us a LARGE Amount of money."
"Any little bit will help the cause."
When one is on the road for a long period of time,
On these Desolate Highways
One can enter into Altered States of Consciousness
Due to the monotony of these roads.
I didn't trust what I thought I was hearing.
How could a Gas Station attendant
Who is NOT a Muslim
Funds for the DAESH
When the United States
Is supposedly fighting
A "War on Terror"?
It didn't seem to make any sense.
However, this Gas Station was VERY POLITE.
He certainly didn't ACT like a Terrorist.
"Now, let me get this straight," I said.
"Yes, sir," he responded.
"YOU are collecting money for the DAESH?"
"That's right," he asserted with a smile.
"And WHY are you collecting money for the DAESH?" I asked.
"To Wipe Out Humanity," he responded with a smile.
"Now, does your Supervisor know what you're doing?" I asked.
"Oh, yeah!" the enthusiastic young Texan  responded.
"They were very enthusiastic about the project."
"They want to wipe out Humanity too!"
This young whippersnapper was starting to creep me out.
So, I thought it would be best to just
Get the Hell out of Amarillo,
And make my way to my Business Meeting in Dallas.
"Why are people collecting for Terrorist Organizations"
"More polite than Those collecting for Greenpeace," I wondered.
As I drove away,
The young man waved at me,
"If you're ever in Amarillo again,"
"Give us a holler,"
"And, remember,"
"Keep Supporting the DAESH!"

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Brandy C Zoch
Brandy C Zoch
Jun 27, 2016

Covers off and on
The heat of her December
Southern Discomfort

Dec. 5, 2014
#haiku   #winter   #heat   #south   #southern   #texas  
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