5 days ago

where do stories go to die?
do they expire with the ink of thought
penning themselves out of imagination
or simply tire of expectation?

where do proverbs go to die?
tell me and i would scourge that ignorant grave site,
guillotine its keeper, decapitated
upon a writer’s block

where do poems go to die?
show me and i will breach earths bowels
wrenching words from darkness depths
with the light verse of celebration
and a calligrapher’s paragraph of praise!

only then could i rest in peace
from wordy passion and novel pleasures
and when spent, 
upon my epitaph do write;
'she, brought my words to life'.

© Qwey.ku

Raquel Butler
Raquel Butler
5 days ago

And who the hell was I?
I was a soft girl in armor sheets
hoping to be the one you'd seek.
I was gently crafted tea
just the right amount of bitter
- and sweet.
I was all dreams and no reality
my mind in constant flow
my life an artful mess
I suppose,
I was too much dreamy
and not enough girl
I was too much guarded
and not enough frail.
I am enough now.
I am enough for me,
My mistake,
-and now I see
how I fell for all of you,
and you fell
for half of me.

wooooooah. I think I'm finally over it.
#love   #hate   #beauty   #mistake   #fallen   #fell   #full   #half   #guarded   #frail  
Jan 11

Fallen from Grace

I was with You
In Your sight
I served You
Lived for You
I felt I arrived
I made light of
Who I was in...
You in me
Who You were
Within me
In my being
I turned proud
Forgetting You
What it's about
You are Light
You are Love
I lost my way
From Light
I fell spiraling
Like a falling
Shooting star
Into an inferno
Into an abyss
Into darkness
From You I fell
I fell from grace
I lost my crown
I lost my title
That called me
Your own...
That called me
Your child...
Fallen from grace
Your beloved
Your darling
Your child...
But I forgot
In You there's
Life and life
More abundant
I forgot...
You are God
I forgot...
You are my Father
I left You...
You never left me
I forgot You...
You love me
I forgot You
You will fight
For Your child
And pull me out
From darkness
To bring me back
Into a marvelous
Glorious light
Fallen from grace
This child...
That disgraced You
Your child was I...
Crucified You again
But You didn't care
You went to the grave
In the graveyard...
Looked Lucifer
In his face...
Face to face...
With Satan
You defied him
You called me
You called my name
Your Spirit...
And breathed life
Unto my being...
Fallen from grace
This child....
That disgraced You
Your child was I...
From death....
You gave me life
You washed me...
In Your blood...
Gave me grace
Once again...
You see...
I forgot...
You are God
I forgot...
You are my Father
I forgot...
You are God...
You are God...
Second chances...
You gave me
Your child...
Fallen from grace
Was once dead
But now I'm alive
Alive again...
Like You, I arose...
Arose again...
In Your love...
In Your blood...
In Your grace...
This child
Your child
No longer
Fallen from grace
I will remember...

©Betania 2017
Betania 01/05/17

#life   #god   #death   #faith   #relationship   #fallen   #restored  
Jan 10

Days of sunshine,
skies of azure
and scents of blooming flowers.

Days of never ending conversations,
careless guffaws
and childlike jests.

Days of heartfelt promises,
unrestrained caresses
and wild beating hearts.

I think I've fallen again...

Jan 9

Thorns are lovely
their sharpness.

Fallen leaves are beautiful
despite their decay—
nobody cares that they will
next year’s trees.

Tomorrow would never be
a better day,
if nature hadn’t
planned things today.

8:02 PM
#hope   #nature   #fallen   #tomorrow   #thorns   #decay   #seeds   #laves  

A home of fallen dreams
and wishes made upon dead stars
of feathers and fungal dreams
brushing gently your tendril wings
rearranging your wisps of hair
like ghostly fingers
in thin air

#in   #dreams   #mom   #fallen   #fingers   #ghostly   #memorium  

Blessings whisper amongst our sorrow,
though kingdoms erode into corrupt golden,
and oceans bleed in shame.

K Balachandran
K Balachandran
Dec 8, 2016

She lifted me, a feather glided down
from somewhere,lying on the sand,orphaned,
for eons that coiled like a serpent,to escape cold.
She made me feel as the warm part of her wing,
beating in unison,jubilantly on an onward  journey,
to luminous eternity...your abode,in timeless bliss,
that appears in my every single dream...so near!

The days grow shorter

The nights grow colder

The clouds grow dreary

As you sit amongst the graves

Sing to the sleeping
For amongst the dead you are weeping

A melody for the fallen
To their forgotten souls you are calling

A lullaby to the little one
Showing them one last rising sun

The days grow shorter

The nights grow colder

The clouds grow dreary

As you sit amongst the graves

#lost   #fallen   #last   #souls   #sleeping   #nights   #lullaby   #graves   #dreary   #weeping  

He asked the professional, the mature, & the kind-hearted for consult
All of them told him "it's not your fault"
But he could not get that through his head
He thought that something was wrong with him, so many articles he read

Sadly, he was psychologically affected by the psychologically conflicted
Although their effort to demean him went in vain
Although their goal was to make him go insane
It wasn't accomplished because he ran away from his problems

They thought this game was funny
That the prejudice would not consume him in endless depth
Everyone thought his last words before he left were "help"
But all he screamed to the sky was "I want to understand, why me?

He never got his answer from the bullies
& he left behind a lot of things when he ran away
Could you blame them? For no matter how hard he tried, he was criticized
Was the decision he made correct?

Why him?
For he was one of the kind-hearted
Mercy was all he deserved & mercy only did he see when he was broken
He lost all faith in God for he was broken
& this developed a new kind of prejudice in his long list  
Judge not what you have not lived

I am tired of all the injustice, the prejudice
But I will not be like you
I will do something...

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