This tattered soul fallen to earth
His mighty God he displeased
Evil surrounding this once innocent

Fire from the gates of Hell burning this fallen
Angel while he weeps
Love from the heavenly Father
Lost for all eternity and beyond
Enlightened but the time has passed
Never to regain favor of the heavens

Another being of light challenging the force of
Nature that was created by the mightiest hand
Grace was once given freely
Exclaiming "hallelujah" one final time the fallen angel
Languishing away into the darkness

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Elaise G
Elaise G
3 days ago

I don't get why you blame me,
You didn't tell me from the start.
Because of your hesitation,
You let everything fall apart.

Welp, I guess it's that easy to gain and lose friends. I really enjoy things falling apart~! Especially if it's relationships, even if they aren't mine

I built a thousand foot high wall,
Had it protected 24/7,
Yet you still sneaked past my wards.
Or maybe I even let you in,
Maybe I thought you’d find the broken pieces and make me right again.
Do you like jigsaw puzzles?
Because we can make this a game.
As long as you don't leave me,
Wounded and unfinished and a figment of your imagination.
I'd change the past so we can have a future.
I held your lips under the moonlight and forgot you were a rose.
How careless was I,
To think you'd clip your thorns for me,
Let me in,
Let me see your beauty.
How stupid,
How injustice,
How humane.
I built a wall to keep people like you out,
And then I made a doormat that said,

#love   #pain   #imagination   #fallen   #walls   #wall   #welcome   #sneak  
Mar 19

She is an angel…
With dark wings,
been through bullets, arrows, and tyrannical things.
She is an angel…
With crooked halo
and beside her was danger
with an eyes like a narrow hallow
her soul is shallow.
A lifetime lies
was all you can see in her eyes
every time she closes it
she sees dark paradise.
She is an angel…
replacing her sun with a moon
the night is her day
and crying was her tune
because the pain in her heart always stay.
She is an angel…
thought that life is the sweetest delight
but transmogrify into endless night.  
She is an angel…
her lips are fatal
her eyes was lethal
She is an angel…
fallen from heaven
but experience more than hell.

#hell   #depression   #pain   #anxiety   #cry   #dark   #angel   #fallen   #danger   #fatal  

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love

I will not fall for
such a poorly constructed

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love!

The beauty she holds
might just be attracting
a whole lot of people, not me

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love!

A few people just fell,
couldn't keep their eyes
off of her face

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love!

Ever admiring and complimenting
her looks, her glamour.
None left untouched.

No you haven't read it correctly
No, I'm not the one in love!

All I admire about a person:
the heart; the soul.
As she has it all, so

Yes you have read it correctly
Yes, I'm in love!

© Ali Qureshi

Denying to have fallen for another of those divas,
and failing.

Landing in the cage with broken wings,

All he had left were these futile things.

Roaring in defeat and screaming in pain,

The angels had won and the monster was slain.

#hell   #angel   #heaven   #fallen   #lucifer   #devil   #angels   #morningstar  

Stuck in this world where I don't belong
Praying to God I won't have to stay here too long
I can feel you crawling under my skin
While I'm going through these endless circles
Running from you again
Every time I try and open my eyes to see
This broken world blinds me

I was never mean't to belong here
Where broken promises lie
Set me free from this misery
Give back my wings so I can fly
I was never mean't to belong here
So at times I want to cry
I need your grace and I'm starving for your mercy
Don't leave me here to die

#broken   #god   #angel   #grace   #fallen   #mercy  

Smoke hides a ghost in the empty chair
Of what was, what is, and what will be
No man can tell what lies behind
And to my senses I have become blind.

Singe the flesh of my lips with your flame
My troubled minds contain all your pain
Hidden in the tabernacle of the unholy
My everything, my all.
My one and only.

Love, hate, pity and joy
Gods that create and gods that destroy
Insensitive and cold they send their wrath down
"Hurrah! Hurrah!", They say as we drown.
But Dead and broken souls immune to emotions
Only Scoff with apathy at the horrible notions.

All great nations eventually fall
Why not the great nation of your soul?
Crumbling before corruption and greed
Insensitive to all human need.
For the best of mankind have the furthest drop.
And there is nothing you can do for the process to stop.

#anger   #betrayal   #evil   #fallen  

I've fallen in love for the first time.
I wanna cry.

#love   #first   #time   #in   #the   #fallen  

I fell from Heaven
Say good bye, halcyon days
For I'm a sinner

Experienced Heaven only to have sinned and fallen back to Earth...
#days   #goodbye   #heaven   #fallen   #fell   #sinner   #halcyon  
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