Dev Singh
Dev Singh
5 days ago

Soar high above the clouds,
And reach up for the sky;
Where dreams are everything,
And everything is you and I.

Running after you
Is like chasing after clouds,
But still I run
Because it’s the clouds which give me rain;
Rain that is refreshing from the scorching sun,
Rain which is my lullaby on nights when I can’t sleep.
And it’s these clouds which are made of the water from earth;
The water which gives life, rejuvenating, reviving.
Even if I can’t reach you,
Even if I’m down here and you’re up there,
I chase after you.
Even if I can’t reach you,
Even if I can’t ever reach you,
I want to be near you.
Because you, my cloud, give me life
And being near you is enough.

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Maybe it's just because I'm bleeding inside
Or it's because I'm no body and cannot be found
Or it's the bad luck that is always by my side
Or it's the wound that hurts and won't subside
Or it's the skies that never rains nor have a cloud
Or it's my green fields that I love but never find
Or maybe it's just who I am, a man with no pride

© Copyright
Abdullah Ayyash
March 3rd, 2017
#love   #sad   #rain   #maybe   #pride   #inside   #cloud   #wound   #subside  
Buddy T
Buddy T
Mar 1

what a pretty sky
on a pretty day
not a cloud in the sky  
the sun beams down

a single cloud
on a pretty day
the sun beams down

perhaps I am the cloud
alone by myself
never surrounded by peers
a spot of paint

perhaps you are the sun
with me
pulling me up
hugging me

the universe turns
with you
orbiting a centerpiece
we can't name

a lone cloud
on a pretty day
no other in the sky
the sun beams down

another cloud apears
no more loners
in the sky
the sun beams down

perhaps you are the sun
and I am the cloud
how do you feel
I am not with you

the universe turns
you tear me apart
we grow big
you grow dark

rain in the sky
on a windy day
so many cloud in the sky
no sun beams

perhaps I am the clouds
and you are the sun
I move on
you continue to turn

a pretty sky
on a pretty day
no cloud in the sky
the sun beams down

the sun beams on
the universe turns
the sun beams on
the sun beams

it was a pretty day today
M Harris
M Harris
Feb 27

Spectral & Whites,
She shoots liquid kryptonite,
Forming civil twilights,
Lighting up satellites,

Effusive she moves in crowds,
Vetting the loud,
Entombing in her vortex clouds,
Fiction stitched exclusive to her shroud,

Translucent transcendence,
Sinking in ascendance,
Obscured abundance,
Her celestial dependence,

Mutating sacraments,
Dissolving electrolytic laments,
Decaying she resents,
Her serene blood stains,
Choking reckless intents,

Torrential far cry,
Of her desecrated lullabies,
Edging serrated highs,
Triggering sulphur lies,

Profanity in her transmits,
Photonic duality she emits,

Fluttering in trance,
Her psychopathic stance,
Initiating empathetic dance,

Seductive incandescence,
Buffering her schizophrenic vehemence,
Veiling the era of repentance,
By unveiling spiritual severance,
And pseudo sacrosanct irreverence,

The future’s here,
Nuclear souvenir,

She past my prime,
When the evidence realigned,
Confiscating her downtime,
She committed my crime,

Make amends… We are designed to be outlived….


Feb 27

I'm up in the sky,
and everything is fine.
I'm higher than life,
I'm riding cloud nine.
I'm sleeping while awake,
and stepping over mines.
I'm pushing my body,
and crossing the line.
It's the feeling I chase,
when the ketamine is fine.
I get out my plate,
and rack out a line.
It puts me to sleep,
and feels better than wine,
but it leaves me hollow,
and empty in mind.
It's the come down that hurts,
when I'm dead inside.
It's a vicious cycle
in the addicts mind.
It's always one more.
It's always the last time.
It's easy to say,
as I rack out a line,
and easy to forget,
once I'm high in the sky.
It's the devils words,
those two little lines.
There's no such thing,
when I'm riding cloud nine.

~ for anyone that is strugging with drug addiction.
~for my friends & my family, that are trapped in the addicts mind.
#love   #sad   #addiction   #life   #nine   #cloud  
Feb 27

i see myself:

little tiny girl,
tear stained, broken..
pressed up against a glass
window that some might
a mirror,

submerged like a castle
in a fish tank, i
watch the way
little me swims
pretty little rainbow beads
picks at affection,
dropped from
the sky..

blue, pink, and
there's a face in the clouds:

like rain, i
cry. looking down at
what once was..

and i remember why
that little girl

whenever i recall my abuse i always feel like im looking through a glass window into a tank full of water or vice versa and it's a strange feeling.
#broken   #abuse   #cry   #die   #rain   #affection   #rainbow   #glass   #cloud   #castle  
Angie S
Angie S
Feb 19

dont ask me where i am;
dont ask about the view from the peak,
how it feels to brush shoulders with the clouds
like passersby on the street, dont ask about
how delicious the air tastes in my lungs.
i am not there, not there yet. see,
i stand not as an omniscient god,
presiding over my special throne, but as a
mortal traveler, muddy and sweaty,
seeking fulfillment, and always hiking forwards.
my compass pumps blood through me and
one day it will fail and my journey will end,
but for the time being i hike.
ask me how my heels are bruised, how my
back curves, misshapen, from the weight of
my aspirations. ask me the number of times
i crashed onto the icy earth, her gravity
dragging me, but always stood again
because i am stubborn.
ask me if the freezing air chills my frostbitten fingers anymore
and pains my chest to hold. and please
ask me where i am going; ask where after all this time
my heart finds warm blood to keep it beating, and
what i hope to see at the peak of this mountain.
ask about my failures, my successes,
and how my hike draws as much inspiration
in the journey as it does the destination.

talent probably doesn't actually exist.
everyone is born at the bottom of the mountain,
talent is what we see when we see other travelers
who have climbed higher than we have.

im trying to catch up in more than a few areas

Gray sky above
Rain hitting the stones
Lost is the love
That warmed my bones

Wind swirling around
Leaves go up in flight
In this storm I found
My reason to fight

Snow is now falling
The cold wakes me
To a life worth living
One where I'm free

The sun is shining
The clouds up higher
Dreams are brimming
Passion on fire

The weather in Illinois changes too much
#life   #fire   #passion   #sun   #rain   #snow   #weather   #wind   #cloud  

It's on days like these,
When the sky is a cloud,
That I wish I could sit
For a bit
In the sky-
And watch from a cloud
How the days go by;
How the world goes round,
And why people die.
It wouldn't be easy
Amongst all the chaos
To find any meaning
Or reason or rhyme.
Perhaps that is why
I decide to write poems;
My words all have meaning
And some of them rhyme!

Silly little poem about meaninglessness
#world   #why   #rhyme   #reason   #cloud   #how  
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