Motivated to find
Driven to seek
Not present
In the Here and Now.

Eric Pon
Eric Pon
7 days ago

The simplest act might be someone’s cure-
I remembered when it was
a knowing look from a real friend,  
heals more then medicine does.

Although alone often we are
and it’s quite the sad affair-
back to that look I do retreat and
life is blessed to bare.

When I’ve gone a little hard
and sobriety’s days away
a real friend’s presence, brief or not
reminds me I’m okay.

So grateful am I, its appreciation like guilt-
I can’t deserve a love so true.
a feeling so many don’t even know
I’m overcome I actually do.

Thank You:
With all my heart, my friends,
the real ones may be few-
but to remind me that I’m loved;
well, I need no more then you.

flowers bloom to the sound
of your voice
a heavenly melody that
keeps the songbirds in awe
as they try to comprehend your beautiful noise
i rest my soul in the softness
of every word
every syllable is sweet to my ears
like a stream gently sliding
on the soft and quiet earth

the sound of your voice brings
colour to these young petals
for as long as my love for you is not shown
the stems of my heart will never settle.


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The first 'Like' notification
Literally threw me over the moon
Now I can say I know what 'THE COW' felt
The first 'Humble' comment
Hit me right through my chest
I swear I died and went to heaven
Now I can say HE knows how grateful I am
The first 'Collection' addition
Welcomed me to a new country
Now I can say I know what it's like
To hold multiple citizenship
Since I landed on this planet of words
Its breeze hitting me  'hi' and 'hello'  
I can say I hear my name for the first time
And it feels like Poetry

                                Belema .S. Ekine

This is a lil something to show my appreciation for the kind and warm reception from my HP peeps.

Just a note to you:
your words helped me through.
©Pamela Rae 3.20.17

To each of you who have helped me cope with the loss of my brother and made me know that I am not alone
thank you so very much for the kindness of your words,
for your beautiful hearts.
This truly has been the hardest thing I've ever dealt with.
I know he's in a better place
and that will be my mantra for a long while, I think...
blessings and much appreciation, dear hp poets!

The biggest mistake you can ever make is to walk away from the person who stood and waited for you.

To the people in my life who both walked away and to those who stayed-for many years.

I can easily appreciate
What others consider to be
At other times,
I'm not capable of appreciating
That which others consider to be

When the plundering of this planet is complete,
No one will be able to APPRECIATE beauty.
The factors which ENABLE people to appreciate beauty
Will have been eradicated
Along with almost everything that is beautiful.

Sun almost up
A beautiful view
Picture perfect every
Single morning some
Use this scene to
Even mourn the lost
And appreciate the
Life given to them
I feel the warmth..

I lay with my sister who sleeps carefree
Under the boughs of our mother's tree
I look upon her beauty with jealous gaze
Our love for each other an arduous maze

She calls, "Little sister come play with me,"
We jump and we run and we splash in the sea
I cling to her side as the waters rise
Finding her company strong and wise

For my sister I would do most anything
Around my heart she has tied her string
Everyday she paints a picture of perfection
I can only hope that I am a just reflection

Following her footsteps in all that she does
Such is my fate, and always was
I do not mind it, for I love my sister so
Her kindness and beauty like the pure mountain snow

For my beloved Sister, I will always love you and look up to you, even when I want to kick your butt. PS, this is better when read aloud ;p
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