19 hours ago

There was a small frog
Splayed out on a zoo log
Its name was something-dog

I think it was dead
It didn't move its head
Nor blink its eyes instead

It was kinda cute
Though without life all mute
So a picture of it I did shoot

A girl my age shoved past
Looked into the foggy zoo glass
To see the amphibians green ass

She called the frog lazy
Said it was super ugly
Then left to see cuter things

Dead or asleep
Cute or a slimy creep
Who thought about frogs so deep?

just got back from zoo, im posting frog as my new background
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2 days ago

my feelings for you are
a thrift store kind
of new.
they're used,
and old,
and over-worn,
but god.
i'm comfortable in them and there
is always something about
these feelings to explore
because they have not always been mine,
but they've always been there.
they've always been

i just had to find them

you held my hand today,
and the touch was so careful.
it was
such a ginger gesture,
and blue was never a warm color
until you looked me in the eyes
and said,
'your hands are so cold.'
yours were warm,
and baby, it was a
warmth i needed to feel,
as my soul
grazed the constellations.

and suddenly,
my heartbeat
causes the earth to tremble.


if you've been keeping up w me, you know idk what i'm doing.

leo = halfcrush for whom i may still have strong feelings for oops????
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4 days ago

will you show me all the places
that make you feel at home
when you're feeling out of place
with no where else to go?

because lately i've been
feeling like a square peg,
trying to fit into a round hole.

but you make me feel
like there are places
i belong.

will you listen to music with me in the graveyard
with my head against your chest,
and let me sing about a place so far
as you say you like me best?

because lately i've been
hoping for something sweet
and i felt when you held my hand.

as you helped me
like a delicate flower
over a stone wall.

will you tell my i'm worthy a million times,
until i believe in you, in that truth,
with all my heart despite my crimes
because of the love i feel when with you.

because lately i've been
thinking you're something soft
someone i could grow to love someday.

you are not the
shield you put up, so
open your gates to me.

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5 days ago

i never
believed in forever
but you make me
want to
be proven wrong

you make me feel
like a lunar glow
like light
like something to
look at

i don't want it to end.

i want you to
zip up my
on the way home
and call me cute
and clumsy

and say i sneeze
like a kitten.

and i don't want it to end

i'm glowing baby
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6 days ago

i've been told you're the
company you keep, and
with that being said,
i'm glad i've been keeping yours.

the more i get to know you,
the more i feel like there
are layers to you
that are soft,
and gentle,
and worth discovering.

i'm full of shadows.
the circles around my eyes
are stamps
of the love i left
behind, but somehow,
you make me feel like light
like a lunar glow
like someone.

there's something special
about you, and
i can see it in the contagion
that's your smile.
the way you say something
and i want to join in.

you're one of the few
people i don't mind
having to look up at.

when i'm with you
i don't mind feeling small.
because it does not
with feeling insignificant.

no, around you i feel safe
you say my name and i feel
important. there's a little light
swallowing my shadows
and it exists because of you.

this life is a slippery slope
of mistakes and fears,
and i don't own much.

you make me
i've ever wanted
to share with anyone

because for the first time
in ages
i feel
like someone.

i just realized i might like someone who isn't "half crush" or my almost lover exish guy that i've been writing about this past like four-ish months.

this title is so risky and this poem is cringey but my heart wanted to write this.
so yeah i'm confused, but how are you? ❤
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7 days ago

Walking under an indigo sky
With a cream colored moon shining in her eyes
Sniffing at the ground instead of looking up
Is my little mixed breed pup

Running under a blanket of blue
Chasing squirrels like terriers do
After the chase, sleeping like a log
Is my little puppy dog

Woofing quietly at my feet
Acting like it's time to eat
Staring up hopefully, looking so cute
Is my sixty pound little pooch

She's five years old and sixty pounds, but she'll never stop being my little puppy.
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Jan 13

I'm mesmerized by your eyes,
and the way you say my name,
and you look like an angel to me.

I like this boy and every little thing he does makes me like him even more. There's really nothing specifically special about the way he does what he does, but it makes me feel the way no one has ever made me.
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I met a penguin on the way
He wobbled up and down
Then he slipped and slid like a fish
And lay quite still on the ground.

He tried to spread his wings to fly
But fell and hurt his head
"Ouch"! he said, "It's best that I dive
And waddle in the water instead!"

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Monochrome Dreamer
Monochrome Dreamer
Dec 15, 2016

We're in this together
First you, then me
Yes that's right!
Doing lovely.
This parts a little odd,
But don't get cold feet!

We can make something beautiful I know it.

Look, we made him smile.
What a lovely sight.
Let's do it again please.  
Together, intimate,
Left, Left, Right

Right, Left, WRONG

okay, okay,
Let's work to blend.

Give it five then make him smile again.

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Thanks ,but right now,I'm just a girl with words behind a screen. There's nothing much to it.

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