Mar 4

I'd love you like I love,
And a warm breeze,
I'd love you the same way I love rusty old swings,

I'd love you like grass,
And  trees,
And love you like holding hands,
While we walk on the beach,
I'd love you like,
Entangled feet,
Under soft blankets,
With the tv casting shadows on your face,
While you laugh,
Oh God I would love to make you laugh,

I'd love you like thrift shops,
And old photographs,

I'd love you like summer nights,
On the roof,
Or in bed watching movies,

I'd love you like I always would,
Never waver,
I'd love you like all these things,
Like warm coffee on cold fingers,
Or sunsets by the lake,

I'd love you day,
After day,

Like the ice skating rink,
I'd love you like, the song,
Temporary love,
By the brinks.

And I know I am young,
And you're miles away,
But there's a feeling here,
That's making me stay.

And I'd love you like this,
And i promise I would

Please let me darling,

I promise I could.

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You were just a voice at first,
a melody I had never heard
that graced my ears.
I knew your name,
I knew your voice,
and I knew your laugh.
What I didn't know
was your face.
I had never met your tall frame.
I had never met your piercing blue eyes.
I had never met the vibrant light you brought to a room.
But once I did,
my whole world felt different.
Luke was still in my heart,
But you,
you clouded my head.
I severed as many ties with him as I could,
not knowing it would lead me to you.
Prom was an idea to spite him.
The thought of taking his best friend to something so special,
it filled me with excitement.
But it was weeks later
when I realized,
it wasn't to spite him.
It was to spend time with you.
That's why I had my party;
invited you and the boys over,
so I could have you around me.
So I could make you smile.
Make you laugh.
That's all I want to do,
make you happy.
I wouldn't say I'm in love,

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Mar 3

one day
i'll know the softness
of your skin
and the strength of your bones.

you know i love you so,
even if i could never
have the courage
to say it.

inspired by yellow by coldplay
#love   #cute   #delicate   #yellow   #thirst   #coldplay  

I'll find my way back home
As they say home is where heart is
And my heart is in your love
And that's where it started
I'll trek the clouded skies and dark lit seas
Even when it's dark or too bright to see
I'll find a tunnel of secrets
And make a thousand train tracks
Just to be home where your love is

#love   #heart   #cute   #sweet   #family  
Feb 28

my hands are always cold
but not when they're interlaced
with yours.

something about us is right.
i'm drowning in your light.

i never thought drowning
would be this nice.

i'm falling in love
#love   #boy   #cute   #him   #drowning   #light   #hand   #holding  

We are so different I could even say,
That I am night and he is day.

If I pick north he will pick south.
Who in here knows what I'm talking 'bout?

But love is a game we like to play,
So when I try to leave he makes me stay.

From time to time though, there's an eclipse
And we both agree that life is a bliss.

This life - this game- we like to play
Sometimes it end, but begin right away.

We will never let each other go
Because each other is what we live for.

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Kendall K
Kendall K
Feb 27

It was so late at night, I don't even remember if it was within the time span to be considered night anymore. It was so late that it wasn't, maybe it was actually so early in the morning, but I remember that we were lying in your bed and you had your left arm underneath my neck and my face was buried in your old, white T-shirt and it was the first night we'd ever spent together. I had so many emotions flowing throughout my entire body and I just wanted to cry because they were so strong and you were right there and I knew that these emotions were caused by your presence... What would happen to them when you weren't there?

I remember fearing you leaving me, whether it was your choice or mine or fate's, but I grabbed onto that old, white T-shirt of yours and squeezed my eyes shut as tightly as I could before pulling myself in closer to you. No matter how close I got, I wasn't close enough. Body heat radiated off of you, but my fear left me cold and you warmed me up; you started a fire in my heart and an explosion in my brain.

I must've continued to clench harder and harder onto you because your eyes shot open and you wrapped your hands around my arms—my body—and said with panic in your voice, over and over again, "What's wrong? Are you okay?" And when you saw that I was okay, you released a breath of air, "Don't go, I've got you."

I was startled at first by your quick reaction, but then it hit me. You were left behind once. You were just as scared as I. So I looked up into your dark, piercing, yet innocent eyes and kissed your chin softly, "Yes. Everything's perfect. I'm not leaving you."

I could see a wave of relief wash over you and this time, you nuzzled your face into the crook of my neck and whispered, "I'm not leaving you either." You laid back down and I stroked your cheek up and down, causing you to quickly fall back asleep. I studied your old, white T-shirt one last time, discovering two holes and a single stain. A small smile crept upon my face.

We're just a couple of messy people in a broken world, but sometimes two "wrong" people are right for each other. I can't fix him, just as he can't fix me, but we can help each other fix ourselves. And it wasn't until that very moment where I said to myself, "I love this boy."

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Don't cry tender soul it's not your time
Ask me anything and you shall see
Nothing is as hard as it used to be
I've brought you strawberry milk, let me nom your feet
Everything is perfect, your kisses all over me
Love me like I do you, you are the start of everything

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I turn my face and look away,
I hold my tears till they are gone
The pain helps me realize that
Falling in love makes me a pawn.

#love   #poem   #short   #pain   #cute   #sweet  

Let's rephrase
Yeah, I like you
Who doesn't
I know your taken
But she's not here
You are kinda cute
You are all over the place
I'm not in love just admitting
Accepting the attraction
Now let's get to the real problems
And I won't try and seduce you

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