Don Bouchard
Don Bouchard
2 days ago

"Damn the torpedoes!
Full Speed AHEAD!"
So it is we lose our heads
And trust the masses
Whose rabble rise
To stick their fingers
In our eyes.

Freire told us true:
Dialogue must happen;
Time must be taken
To speak Truth,
To hear Truth,
To see Humanity
In the Other.

If not,
Violences ensue,
Blood spills,
The hordes topple
In toppling their oppressors...
Become oppressors.

Still small voices
"Imago Dei!"
"Imago Dei!"

Stop to listen,
Stop to see,
Stop to think.

We and They,
They and We,
Are We....

Are WE.

Where are we going? Where we have been? Buffalo Springfield: "For What It's Worth"

Trump, he seems to make a point of stirring up the pot.
He makes outrageous statements, thus making tempers hot.
He seems to like upsetting people so they shout or cry.
It all seems so unnecessary, so I'd ask him, WHY?

These last few days he hurried out an immigration ban,
without due consultation that would craft a solid plan.
He could have sought out some advice - something that he should try,
but he believes he knows it all, which makes no sense. So, WHY?

His words and actions seem to make him look like a buffoon;
a caricature cut out from some political cartoon.
If he'd provide a reason through intelligent reply,
there'd be no need to scratch our heads and keep on asking, WHY?

He seems to hate minorities and some religious groups.
This brings about division and rallies all the troops.
This could lead to a new world war where millions would die.
Where does he think he's taking us and, more important, WHY?

WHY doesn't he just take a moment so he can explain?
WHY can't he simply tell the truth and say what's in his brain?
WHY can't he and his followers be glad for what they've got?
Explain... Be kind... Be strong... Be smart. For heaven's sake, WHY NOT?

You can also see this and my other Trump poems at:
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Written February 4, 2017
#why   #fool   #reason   #muslim   #division   #minorities   #buffoon   #donald   #ban   #trump  

I picture us falling down a bottomless pit
And we're nearing a section with a divergence in it

We can hold each other as close as we want in the minutes we have left
But that does not change the reality that the divider will show up

And split us in two

Let us imitate intimacy
While we're still in each other's vicinity
And though I've inconsistently felt your proximity,
I know that, for now, you're here with me

A day before she goes, it feels like it could snow
It's so cold out

A day before she goes, I find myself below
Just crying out

Our hearts, heavy, worn, ignorant of what to do
They cling to each other and wish that the two
Could once again become one
And that this all would be done

#broken   #up   #break   #divorce   #divergence   #division  
Jan 15

I burdened you, did I not?
Told you things I thought you'd hear,
In the wind, in whispers from the woods
Nobody told you, but I did.
Vaguely I burdened you.

And you were lonely, I tell you so much,
In ways I don't fathom, shallow diving me.
Weird fishes nibble bones, weird stories take your love for me,
Rumours, rumours, grow like weeds,
Weeds, weeds grow as bushes between us.

So we sit on lawns of cut relationships,
Each blade a sharp reminder,
Of friends we never made,
We grew, didn't we? Like stalks of flowers that never dreamt of being trees,
But sometimes,
I see the yellow of your kiss across the garden hedge.
We never bore such fruit apart.

So sitting, so kneeling,
So waiting till time makes us desperate enough to try again,
I move pragmatic pieces, and play games that think of you
I spell your name, in footsteps I take in the wrong direction,
But it's only wrong to you,
We're only wrong for each other,
Why should that mean we can't love?
Why does that mean we don't talk?

Not through rumours.

I have no idea what happened with this one - like all my poems it began as a phrase I liked and grew to something wild and unkempt
#love   #living   #lost   #apart   #barriers   #division   #bushes  

The desperate scramble to
rationalise; the burning need
to make sense of the
nonsensical, this
all-too-earnest search for
answers, for some guidestone
that will help us decipher
the craziness scrawled on the walls,
a key that might unlock that door
which currently bars the path to
sanity and reason.
We put polls in the field,
conduct surveys, devise
better, more probing questionnaires,
consult eminent
psychologists, sociologists, economists,
go blind on data
tabulated into every conceivable form,
cite studies, historical precedent,
strive for any, any answers
that will explain to us
how we came to

And maybe the reason is
less complex.
we got what we

Sorry for the gloom.
Mysidian Bard
Mysidian Bard
Dec 29, 2016

When I look back at the things I had
The things that now are gone
I was planting seeds of division
But the trees grew tall and strong

I used to see for miles around
But now the forest grows
Beneath the shade of branches
Are secrets no one knows

At first it was a place to hide
An oasis on barren lands
But holding on to a past that's gone
Was just leaving time on my hands

For years I must have wandered
Abandoning all that was good
I thought I knew my way out
But now I'm lost in the woods

Wow, I can't believe I got poem of the day! This made my night, I am honored. I want to thank all of the encouraging members on this site that kept me going when I wanted to give up.

This is probably one of my favorite poems I have written. I came to this site as a musician on hiatus looking for a creative outlet in life. This was the first poem where I felt as I wasn't a musician writing poems, but a poet. Thank you so much for your support and here's to many future works from myself and from all of you as well! :)

- The Mysidian Bard
#love   #depression   #regret   #lost   #trees   #isolation   #forest   #seeds   #division  
Joseph Allen
Sep 7, 2016

Conditioned into silence, out of fear of violence we shut our mouths to avoid the pain, the pain that won't and can't go away.
We are divided, our beliefs undecided, our true thoughts in hiding, we are like puppets miming.

Wyatt R
Wyatt R
Jul 15, 2016

You get your laughs and kicks dividing all you can.
There's no question that you're sick
but can the doctor prescribe anything
to put out this fire in the sand?
I swore there was a line there before,
but somebody brought gasoline to a firefight.
Now we're all pissed off and we've got a fire to put out.

Do you even care enough
to accept some human relation
or are you just along for the ride,
not caring where we crash?
What have you done? What have you done?
More importantly, why don't you care?
Well I've got news for ya, you know I resent ya.
I know you're not feeling it, but just know this
message is brought to you by bitter disgust.

#anger   #hate   #confusion   #division  
Ignatius Hosiana
Ignatius Hosiana
Jun 24, 2016

When we start building Walls
Amidst neighbourhood woes
neighbours we encouraged to construct
their homestead close to our doors in assurance
of a strong shoulder on which to lean in times of adversity,
you definitely know the wines we call Wars
are brewing somewhere, walls are just a wine cellar
Divisions are the bottle to the wine seller
We once built bridges to unite the world
that peacefully lived as a divided entity
That's what happens in times of crisis
Some build walls to quarantine the endemic
while others choose to build more bridges
even if it means risking an entire generation
for we were once a world without boundaries
neighbourhood miseries were our miseries
their laugh was our laugh and their cry was our cry
We sung a single anthem in unison without a sigh...
always wait for drums of war to judge who is true
wait until then to know who honestly loves you

Henry the Navigator might carry the blame
but Britain spearheaded globalisation as a country
Now that we are here, ready to leap into her lap
she's closed doors,
Britain is for Brits, the rest of the world is for us All...
Frank DeRose
Frank DeRose
Jun 14, 2016

Mass shootings.
I sit here, and I am disappointed in America.

From birth,
We are raised like young bald eagles,
Screeching our greatness,
Shouting our name.

"One nation, under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all"

For 12 years we say it every day.

Liberty and justice for all.

Where is the liberty of feeling safe in one's sexuality?
Where is the justice for Brock Turner's victim?


We are indivisible?

Tell that to members of the Left and Right this election cycle.
"Indivisible--meaning without the ability to be divided."

We cannot be divided?

Tell that to Muslims, Christians everywhere.
Tell it to those who are gay and those who are homophobic.
Scream it from the mountain tops,


Listen to the words--
Do they sound ironic yet?
Do they drip with subtle notes of subterfuge and deception?
Do you think it might all be a lie we are told from birth?
Meant to propagate nationalism and patriotism?

Are we still the greatest country?

I'm not so sure anymore.

If we are indivisible, why do we tear one another apart with such ease?
Why is there so much resentment, so much brokenness?
Is that what it means to be indivisible?

I like to believe it's not,
But I'm not so sure anymore.

America, the brave?
The beautiful?
What is so brave about raping an unconscious woman behind a dumpster?
What is so beautiful about wounding or killing 103 people in a nightclub?

Justice for all?

Where is the justice in 6 months of prison for 3 felony counts of sexual assault?

Are we as great as we say we are?

Wake up, America.

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