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Nov 2019 · 1.1k
haysia Nov 2019
You became my sanctuary
in the storm of my life
You became my safe haven
And hopefully, you'll be the reason
Why I was never meant to be with him
Aug 2019 · 890
haysia Aug 2019
You are the sun
Good news: I'm not the moon
Bad news: I'm the planet Pluto
And no matter how many times
I rotate around you,
I will always be the least
of your priority
Jul 2019 · 1.0k
Say cheese
haysia Jul 2019
"Smile for me."
He said, and she smiled
'how I wish you'll always smile for me'
he whispered, at the same time he said
Say cheese!*"
Jul 2019 · 864
haysia Jul 2019
Jul 2019 · 1.6k
Colorful dark
haysia Jul 2019
You put colors to my life
never realized that
putting all the colors together
will make my world dark.
Jul 2019 · 630
haysia Jul 2019
I don't like the sound of the waves
that slowly drowns me away
from the fantasy world
I used to live
and wanting to have peace.

The reality is crawling back
from the bottom, choking me to death.
Jul 2019 · 2.6k
haysia Jul 2019
"Are you happy?", I asked him.
"Yes I am. And you?", he said
"Yes I am happy.", I replied
because finally, I stopped writing
poems about you
, I whispered.
Jun 2019 · 429
haysia Jun 2019
I had started to inch closer
to the edge of the cliff
and I had no idea
that you're not waiting for me
at the bottom
and it was too late now.
Jun 2019 · 334
haysia Jun 2019
He's like a deep sea
and I don't know how to swim
but was I afraid to drown?
Its the last thought before I close my eyes
and a final breath before I suffocate
Jun 2019 · 474
haysia Jun 2019
The tears that spills down her face
is like a magical drop,
they cleanse through the branches
that grasp the galaxy
and fade into the damp earth
Jun 2019 · 373
haysia Jun 2019
I'm beginning to believe
those toxic words
that plague in my mind
with the constant battle
of what I know
and what I believe
Jun 2019 · 298
haysia Jun 2019
"I'm okay."
I said, trying the words,
that even in my mouth
it tastes bitter
that no matter how many times I practice
I still feel the pain
lying through those words
I hate the truth that I can't even lie to myself.
Jun 2019 · 332
haysia Jun 2019
And she looks at the mirror
staring straight into her iridescent eyes,
where she used to find solace in
but never found one, instead
a glimpse of self depreciation is evident,
she almost throw up.
And she finally realized, there are still battle wounds that she's not ready to show the world.
Jun 2019 · 524
haysia Jun 2019
I want a breather
Because somehow,
I am at the point
where I'm tired of myself
Jun 2019 · 303
He's gone
haysia Jun 2019
Even with the noise around us
I could still pick his laughter
I could still see those brown eyes
shining, illuminating the dark
I can still touch him
I can still feel him
and I find myself
falling in love all over again
with the figment of my imagination.
Accept that he's already gone. Move forward. And don't look back
Jun 2019 · 372
haysia Jun 2019
tired but cannot rest
bare in the inside
but filled on the outside
pushing forward
and pulling my **** together
agree to disagree
Jun 2019 · 373
haysia Jun 2019
A twirl of emotions
A twist in my stomach
A chill in my spine
A poem

together with all the memories
and all of the pains
all of the heartaches

keep coming back
crashing the wall
surrounding my heart
May 2019 · 995
he and she
haysia May 2019
he and she will always be that
two eyes showing
unspoken love for each other
two hearts longing
for forever in each other
two ears listening
to each other's heartbeat
two lost souls
finding each other
Apr 2019 · 708
He can't
haysia Apr 2019
I'll write things you'll never read
I'll express feelings you'll never notice
I'll speak words you'll never listen
I'll portray souls you'll never sense.
The things I do for him and the things he will never do for me
Apr 2019 · 289
Broken soul
haysia Apr 2019
You left me shattered
and I can't do anything
with my broken pieces
I can't do anything
with my crumpled paper
I can't do anything
with those fragments left
that's still waiting for you.
For those people who was left broken and wanted so bad to at least pick up the pieces of their soul.
Apr 2019 · 841
Breathtakingly beautiful
haysia Apr 2019
"You're a freak."
"You're weird."
"You're fat."
"You're ugly.
Society's standards shout at me
"You're amazing."
"You're beautifully weird."
"You're ****."
"You're awesome.
The girl in the mirror said,
as she bravely show the world
how to wear the sexiest curve,
her smile.
Always wear the sexiness anyone could possess.
Apr 2019 · 1.9k
haysia Apr 2019
"I love you!", he said.
"Really? You love me?!"
I said, surprised.
He said while laughing out loud.
"I knew it!", I said laughing,
while my insides are dying.
It will never happened, I whispered.
Mar 2019 · 916
Dancing with life
haysia Mar 2019
I can't help but smile
As I watch you dancing
"I have two left feet", as I always say,
little did I know, you'll be my right foot
and teach me how to tango with life.
Mar 2019 · 451
Lies lies lies
haysia Mar 2019
I love you
the lie I keep repeating to myself
and telling him everyday
so I can still secretly
love you from afar.
Mar 2019 · 286
Truth hurts
haysia Mar 2019
Of all the lies I believed,
I won't let you go
is my favorite.
And of all the truths I heard,
You're not enough
is my treasured one.
Mar 2019 · 408
A supposed medal
haysia Mar 2019
"Someday, you'll look up to me
I'll be on the stage with my degree.
She promised her mother.

One day, her mother was crying
As she looked at her
But instead of medal,
it was rope, in her neck.
Depression has no face
Mar 2019 · 253
Stand again
haysia Mar 2019
Let me fall on my own and gonna stand up strong.
Feb 2019 · 1.2k
The one
haysia Feb 2019
He will always be that boy
but he will never be that man for me.
Feb 2019 · 362
Lie beneath the eyes
haysia Feb 2019
And your lips
tells the greatest lie,
"I am okay."
but your eyes
says otherwise.
Feb 2019 · 240
haysia Feb 2019
How I wish I know nothing
For when I know something
I understand the thing
And I can't help but feel the pain
I may act like I don't know about a thing, but believe me. I know and I understand.
Feb 2019 · 328
She's the one
haysia Feb 2019
"When will I find the right girl for me?"
He said in his sleep
"She's right in front of you."
I said knowing he didn't hear it.

After 5 years

"Its actually coming true.
She's in front of you.
I whispered to him
while he's looking at her
with the look I have given him
five years ago.
Feb 2019 · 331
haysia Feb 2019
I love you so much to let you go
and you love her so much to fight for her.
Feb 2019 · 247
haysia Feb 2019
The world is like a living hell,
glad to say, she played well
for she has to deal
in a different level
with every devil
Feb 2019 · 264
haysia Feb 2019
Or maybe, just maybe,
even the world is hell,
I'll be happy to be burn with you.
Feb 2019 · 309
haysia Feb 2019
"Will you marry me?"
He said while kneeling
in front of her.
"Yes." She said,
the same time
I whispered yes.
Feb 2019 · 255
Just a flower
haysia Feb 2019
She's the flower in his garden,
little did she know,
the gardeners often
maintains the backyard
and just like that,
she was cut out
from his life.
Don't let people treat you like an option, you shouldn't be on the choice. YOU SHOULD BE THE PRIORITY
Feb 2019 · 327
Save me
haysia Feb 2019
"Don't blame her,
its her job
to blame herself.
Her past said to her future self.

And it goes on and on
until one day,
bleed herself to death.
Feb 2019 · 1.2k
Its never too late
haysia Feb 2019
You said, "I'll be right back baby.
Daddy will be back."

Minutes becomes hours
Days became weeks
Months became years.

I lost count, until one day,
You came to

my wedding day.
I never thought that when you said that means its my wedding day where you will be the one walking me down the aisle.
Feb 2019 · 255
YOU not someone like you
haysia Feb 2019
I prayed to all the stars above
for someone like you
to come into my life.
I never knew that
I should be praying to the moon
for you to come.
Feb 2019 · 105.6k
haysia Feb 2019
They said,
"The most beautiful art is
looking into someone's eyes
when they talk about the
things they love.
And I said,
"Or looking at someone you love.
Or maybe, just maybe,
by looking at the mirror
is the most beautiful art
anyone should appreciate."
Appreciation post for myself; for you and for everyone as well. You deserve more than the world has to offer.
Feb 2019 · 177
Depth into darkness
haysia Feb 2019
"You're in deep thoughts,
be careful, you don't even
know how to swim.
Little did he know,
she drown herself
into the sea of darkness
inside her.
Feb 2019 · 195
haysia Feb 2019
She's confident
the feeling wasn't there anymore
he walked in
she crumpled.
Feb 2019 · 280
Look at me
haysia Feb 2019
I can see stars twinkling in your eyes
the moon illuminating your darkest part
the sun shining brightly
and the whole universe
every time you look at
And I am here hoping for nothing
Feb 2019 · 510
haysia Feb 2019
"You look at her the way I look at you
And it kills me, a little
Feb 2019 · 274
haysia Feb 2019
Listen to what I don't say.
See the things I don't act.
And maybe, just maybe,
my kind of I love you will be relay.
Different kind of showing how much you means to me
Feb 2019 · 1.1k
haysia Feb 2019
Our memories fade
Just like the footprints
Whenever waves reach the sand
Feb 2019 · 592
I fell
haysia Feb 2019
you said you were
afraid to fall in love
but then again,
you become brave
and ...

you fell for her.
Feb 2019 · 422
Just a taste
haysia Feb 2019
A taste of forever from the wrong one
A taste of forever at the wrong time
Just a taste of temporary lifetime.
A taste of temporary
Jan 2019 · 231
haysia Jan 2019
You know that they will always be there for you but even that won't comfort you anymore.
Dec 2018 · 255
Rose without thorns
haysia Dec 2018
I was at the bottom
but you never lift me up
instead, you go down there
to help me until I can stand
on my own.

It was pain
but you never took it away
instead, you hold me
until it goes away.

Things a sister will do.
Shoutout to my sister in another mother for being there for me through ups and downs and for being a one call away.
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